This DIY Peppermint Oil Diffuser Will Make Your Home Smell Like The Holidays


With the semester winding down + the holidays quickly approaching, now’s the time when our professors + bosses love to pile on the workload — stressful, right? When we finally get home after a long day on campus//at the office, all we really want to do is unwind with a de-stressing activity, like practicing yoga, drinking tea, or taking a nap.

After being gone all day, coming home to even the simplest pleasures can instantly calm your mood — like the smell of your favorite scent! Luckily, scented//essential oil diffusers can make this happen for ya : ). Diffusers slowly release an essential oil mixture into the air, leaving a subtle hint of your fav scent that you’ll notice every time you walk in the door.

Scented//essential oil diffusers are super easy to DIY + are also cute + thoughtful CHAARGmas gifts for your CHAARGies ; ). Infuse your home with the amazing seasonal smell of peppermint in these easy steps:


1 small Glass Container with a narrow opening [You can find at a thrift or craft store!]

5 Reed Diffuser Sticks or Kebab Skewers

¼ cup melted Coconut Oil

20 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil [or seasonal scent of your choice!]

*A few prigs of Mint, Sage, Thyme, or other fresh herb [optional]


1] Wash + dry your glass container clean. Combine the coconut oil + peppermint oil together in the glass container. 

 Add an herb of you choice — we used rosemary!


3] Place the reed diffuser sticks//kebab sticks in the diffuser. It will take at least a few hours for the mixture to travel up the sticks — try to be patient! To speed up the process, flip the sticks upside down after a few hours. Flip the sticks every few days to keep the scent fresh.

reed diffuser

+xo Natalie [@natalie_inchaarg], VirtCHAARG girl from Grand Rapids

+ Photography // Kaitlyn Bowman [@kaitb_inchaarg]

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