Think Like A Plant: How To Bloom Into Your Best Self

We love growing + caring for our own plants, especially adorable succulents. While house plants don’t require too much work to keep alive, it’s still important to help them thrive in their own environment. They require sufficient water, soil, sunlight, + oxygen to help ‘em bloom best — why not take care of yourself in the same way? Though it may be hard to believe, we are not all that different from our green friends.  Thinking like a plant can help you blossom, too —


Keeping your body healthy by supplying it with nutrients is an important part of growing + being your happiest. Think about it this way — without watering your plants, they would get pretty sad [+ look a lot less green], but watering them too much can cause them to feel like they’re drowning [+ begin to wilt as a result]. Similarly, we feel our best when we fill our bodies with foods that are nutritious + tasty to us, but practicing balance + moderation is always key. Provide your plants + your body with what they need for more energy to power through the day.

#2] SOIL

When growing a plant, it’s important to buy the correct soil for it. Your soil, or foundation, is the people you surround yourself with + the overall environment you find yourself in. We tend to learn about ourselves + foster personal growth when we are surrounded by people who are supporting us + making us feel loved each day. A great support system can be the first step in allowing ourselves to let go of the small things + find the courage we need to explore ourselves fully.


Most of us love being outdoors + feeling the sun on our skin [while wearing proper SPF, of course ; )]. Your plants soak in the sun’s rays too, ++ it needs to catch those rays in order to grow. For us, a warm sunny day can be an instant mood-boost when we need it most —  we can channel this positive energy into setting goals + exploring new ideas // experiences.


Sometimes, you just need to breathe. We all know that CHAARGies live busy lifestyles + are constantly #GoalDiggers, but we still need to care for ourselves by taking a break + allowing ourselves some *me time.* This could mean reading a new book, treating yourself to your fav activities, or taking some time to relax with a Netflix series. Our plants take advantage of oxygen every chance they get, breathing it in to stay alive. Give yourself time to relax + take a breath, too — you deserve it + need it.


The caregiver is an essential part of a plant’s life.  If you have a succulent, the plant probably won’t grow + thrive if it weren’t for you [watering it, placing it by sunlight, + maintaining its healthy soil]. We are the same way. As independent [or stubborn ; )] as we may be, you should always remember to let ourselves be loved. It’s okay to need help, ask questions, + need somebody to talk to. Being vulnerable presents the opportunity not only to learn from others, but to learn + become more open with yourself!

Next time you are thinking about ways to help your plants grow, consider treating yourself with that same amount of love, too. <3

++ Lexi Auman [l.a.inchaarg]

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