Feeling Stressed? These 5 Yoga Poses Will Calm You Down Instantly

With university classes well underway, many stressors can begin to pile up — assignments, quizzes ++ most importantly, exams. As many things start to fall on your plate  + carving out *me time* becomes more difficult, remember to breathe — this is nothing a CHAARG girl can’t handle! Sometimes the mid-term exam whirlwind can seem more overwhelming than it really is.

Fall is know for being the *season of change*, so this the perfect opportunity to break out of your typical routine. Instead, focus on regularly taking time to step away from the hectic day to day rush + creating space for you to clear your thoughts. Practicing yoga is a great way to being your week with a clear mindset, but it’s also a great way to unwind after a crazy week.

These 5 yoga poses can be practiced in a short period of time + with minimal space [like a tiny apartment // dorm room] — all you need is somewhere quiet. Within 10-15 minutes, your mind will feel at easeyour body refreshed.


The ultimate stress reliever [in my opinion] – Forward Fold. Nothing beats sinking as deep as your calves + hamstrings will allow ++ completely relaxing your head, neck + shoulders. This pose releases all over tension, while stimulating major organs ++ the digestive system. Using your breath in this pose helps to clear your thoughts + eliminate stress. // READ MORE ABOUT THIS POSE HERE.


Downward Dog is a powerful pose that increases flexibility in your hips, knees + ankles. Down Dog can help relieve stiffness + back pain, while building upper body strength. This pose also boosts blood circulation because your heart is above your head. // READ MORE ABOUT THIS POSE HERE.


Child’s Pose is one of the most underrated yoga poses, but this posture can release serious tension in your lower back, hips + shoulders, while quieting your mind ++ melting away stress. This pose is ideal for restoring your nervous system + calms anxiety because it allows our bodies to revert back into themselves. // READ MORE ABOUT THIS POSE HERE.


Pigeon is a loved // hated pose, but has significant benefits. Because we hold most stress + emotion in our hips [weird, I know], Pigeon allows for the tension we hold there to be released. We experience tight hips because bottled up anxiety, stress + other negative emotions sit in our hips. This pose helps rid our systems of negative vibes + undesirable energy, while opening the hip joint + increasing hip flexibility — #RadiatePositiveVibes // READ MORE ABOUT THIS POSE HERE.


Our bodies are full of H2O, as we’re sure you already know ; ), but what you may not be familiar with is — when practicing Seated Spinal Twist, our bodies react like a wet rag having the water rang out [crazy analogy, just bare with us]. When you are in your spinal twist your organs are restricted, as well as, the blood flow. This process helps ring out the *bad blood* [as T Swift would say ; )] + allows new oxygen to the reach your blood after you release the pose. Along with these benefits, it calms your nervous system + enhances the health of your spinal column [discs, vertebrae + joints]. // READ MORE ABOUT THIS POSE HERE.

Making time to slow your mind + relax your entire body is challenging if you have a busy schedule. But scheduling 10-15 minutes a day [in the morning, after your workout, before bed, etc.] which you dedicate to these postures will change your outlook on how to deal with + manage back to school stress.

+Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG


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