The Power of *Slight* Vanity

When we say there’s power in vanity, we’re not talking about checking yourself out in every mirror or window you see or making sure your makeup + hair is picture-perfect all of the time. Instead we’re talking about a *slight* vanity — a more subtle, personal + sensitive type of vanity that only you experience when no one else is watching —


Elisabeth + Sarah explored his concept during this self-love podcast episode. Sarah says, “One thing I’ve really started to do within the last year just to really embrace my body image is looking at myself in the mirror. I make it a point to spend at least a little bit of time every morning where I look at my eyes in the mirror + admire myself. I have some dark spots on my face [from the sun] that I used to be incredibly self-conscious about. Looking at them now + saying, “I love that part of me,” + touching my face [+ my entire body] with tenderness, has really helped me. I’m still feeling that light coming from me because I’ve given it attention, + I’ve thought positive thoughts about it.”

Elisabeth added to this idea by suggesting standing in front of the mirror completely naked [maybe when you’re moisturizing your body] + saying, “I love you” to every aspect of your body. Feel your arm + say, “I love you arm,” ++ just embrace every part of yourself.


Elisabeth + Sarah aren’t the only ones with this *crazy* idea either. Some of the strongest leaders [+ seemingly most confident people] we look up to actually use this *mirror technique* every day! Looking at yourself in the mirror, admiring yourself, + telling yourself positive affirmations can help you start your morning with energy to go out with confidence. This technique can [+ should!] be done anytime you need a little confidence boost, whether it’s before a presentation at school or a job interview, or when you need a little extra self-love to embrace your beautiful body.


One can see a psychological component of self-acceptance as being the precursor to self-esteem in that it’s unconditional + free of judgement. By embracing all facets of yourself, not just the *esteem-able* parts, you’re genuinely able to have a more positive sense of who you are. Becoming aware of yourself, acknowledging all that you are, + coming to peace with all of that gives you the foundation to build yourself up ++ go out into the world with a better sense of self!

Like Sarah said, after doing this you can *feel* the light coming from the parts of your body that previously might not have gotten enough love — the positive vibes you send to yourself will always radiate outwards!

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