The Power of a Shower: Reflecting, Organizing + Relaxing

In life, we tend to overlook the little things. How often have you paused to think about the 20 minutes you spend in the shower? Probably very little, if ever. Yet, that 20 or so minutes may be the only *you* time of the day — why waste it? A shower has the power to be a time of reflection, organization, or relaxation. Here’s how to turn this simple routine into so much more —


When life becomes hectic, it’s easy to get caught up in everything we have to do, losing time for reflection. However, even a short shower provides us ample time to pause everything on our minds + reflect on our lives. When you have those quality minutes of me-time, here are some questions to think about —

  • What can I do to better myself?
  • Is there anything in life holding me back?
  • What did I achieve today?
  • What will I achieve tomorrow?
  • Is there anything else I can do to work towards achieving my goals?

This time can also be used to reflect on our day. Sharing your *Bolts + Blues* [highs + lows] doesn’t have to be reserved just for your Small Group! Reflect on your high + low of the day ++ think about how you can make tomorrow better. Every day is a new day + shower time can be a great way to transition from your worries of today to your goals of tomorrow.


I consider my shower my personal think tank. It’s my go-to when I have writer’s block or need to organize my thoughts [+ for good reason]. Research has shown when we focus on a problem for a long period of time, bias towards certain brain signals ++ suppression of thoughts can occur which lead us to become stuck.

Can you guess a possible solution? A shower! Showers provide us with an interruption to our thoughts + allow us to relax + disengage from our previous thoughts, allowing our mind to wander.

During hectic times [like mid semester], it can feel like showers are counterproductive, wasting time which could be spent studying//working. However, if you’re stuck on an assignment, a shower may be exactly what you need. Jump in, clear your head, + let your mind take you to new ideas ++ approaches — you may even find an *aha moment*!

Use your shower productively + spend it organizing your week by mentally listing the tasks ahead of you + when each task needs to be completed//worked on. When you leave the shower, you’ll have a plan to write down + act on.

Don’t allow your shower time to be stressful + flooded with thoughts of everything ahead of you. Turn it into a productive environment where you can think clearly while washing your stress away.


There’s nothing like ending a busy day or starting a brand new one with a nice, relaxing shower. With the possibility of this being your only me-time of the day, we want you to soak it up! Here are a few tips for turning your shower into a relaxing paradise —

1] Create a relaxing decor. Add succulents + candles to your bathroom to enhance the relaxing nature of the room. Additionally, free yourself from all interruptions, silence your phone, lock the door + surround yourself with peace.

2] Play music. Set the tone of your shower with music that matches your mood. If you’re seeking serenity, put on slower//meditational songs. If you’re craving an escape from your day, put on your favorite feel-good music.

3] Practice mindfulness + self-love. Tune into the sensation of the water hitting your skin. As you feel it run down your body, think of it as washing away the past + creating a new slate for the future. When you cleanse your body, be mindful of each body part + think of the benefit it provides you. Additionally, be aware that cleansing yourself is a powerful form of self-love + appreciate your ability to do it.

Using these tips, we hope you find yourself relaxed + refreshed. Remember, with a clear mind + clean body, an empowered woman [aka you] can do anything.

If you give it the power, a shower can be so much more than a simple daily routine. Do you have a favorite way to make the most of your shower? Share it with us by commenting below!

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