If there’s one thing that I took for granted before college, it was my parents’ kitchen. I don’t think there was ever a time when their pantry or refrigerator weren’t fully stocked. As soon as I got to college + had to start buying my own groceries, I was LOST.

When you’re a kid, going to the grocery store meant picking out all the junk food + having your parents reject it from the shopping cart. But as soon as you start using your own money to buy the *essentials,* trips to the grocery store become a little more overwhelming. The challenge isn’t just choosing from the insane amount of food — it’s also choosing the right food + choosing the right amount of it. Here are a few tips to remember next time you need to re-stock your kitchen:


Going grocery shopping without making a list is just asking for trouble. If you aren’t sticking to a set list of items, you’ll be more tempted to buy things that you don’t necessarily *need.* It’s always helpful to give yourself a little guidance when it comes to grocery shopping — you’ll avoid doing too much damage to both your wallet + your diet! Make sure your list is detailed + organized so that you’re prepared + know exactly what you’re looking for when you get to the store. Breaking it down like this grocery list will make the experience way less overwhelming + a lot more manageable!


NEVER go to the grocery store with an empty stomach. Everything will look + sound good to you, + you’ll be more likely to splurge on a few extra thangs. Because let’s be honest — the junk food aisle will probably sound a little more appealing than fruits + veggies ; ). Avoid the temptation altogether + make sure you’ve got some food in your system before heading out the door. With a full stomach + a detailed grocery list, you’re guaranteed to make smarter + healthier choices!


Do you really need to buy everything in bulk? [The answer is NO ; )]. Only pick up what you actually need. Buying 10 bananas sounds fantastic… until half of them have gone bad before you got a chance to eat them. Tune in to your eating habits + preferences — being cognizant of how often you eat certain foods will allow you to adjust your spending accordingly!  You will save SO MUCH money in the long run if you only buy what you know you’ll eat in a given amount of time. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting both your food + your money [+ as college students, we know how valuable both of those are ; )].’

Still not sure where to start? Here’s a CHAARGified grocery list that’s broken down into specific categories to help you get organized!

grocery list

+ Christina [@christi_inchaarg] // OSU CHAARG

+ PHOTOGRAPHY // Kaitlyn Bowman, + GORGEOUS GRAPHIC // Audra Schroeder

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