The Balance Wheel of Life: 3 Step Journaling for a Balanced, Holistic Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is more than exercise + eating well — living a balanced lifestyle includes prioritizing your mental + emotional health, too! Journaling is a helpful tool to use to help you practice living a balanced, holistic lifestyle. *The Balance Wheel of Life* is a reflective//meditative journal exercise allows you to both evaluate how balanced your life is currently + identify areas that could use a little more TLC. Grab your favorite journal, turn to a fresh page, ++ let’s get started —


Begin by writing a list of the seven elements of holistic wellness on one side of your paper: emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, social, environmental, ++ intellectual. Then, draw a circle [or a heart ; )] on your paper, divide it into seven sections, + assign each section an element of holistic wellness.


Pick one of the above categories + reflect on it for 2-3 minutes. Label the middle of your circle 1 + the outside of your circle 10. On a scale of 1-10, determine how well you feel you are doing in that area of your life — 1 meaning you’d like to work on it more + 10 meaning you already devote a lot of time to it. Place a mark on the circle where you rated the area you reflected on. Continue this practice for each of your categories.


After completing each reflection, look at your circle as a whole — this reflects your life currently! You will notice some areas were rated closer to the outside of the circle, while others were rated closer to the inner part of your circle.  Take a moment to pick out one or two areas that scored close to the middle of your circle to be the areas you will give a little more love to. : ) To take it a step further, think of one or two goals that you can implement into your daily life to improve these areas + write them down!

Feel free to be creative in your journal when completing this exercise + repeat it over time. Your interests, relationships, + priorities tend to change especially during your college + post-grad years, so this journaling exercise is a great way to evaluate how you’re spending your time + make sure you’re spending it the way you want to.

Happy journaling! : )

++ Allison Tapocsi [@allison_inchaarg] // Kent State CHAARG

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