Tara Leggero: Medical-Grade Skincare, Having A “Picking Problem” + Sunscreen

Elisabeth chats with Tara Leggero [@tara_spaderma], esthetician + celebrity skincare queen of Chicago. All of your skincare questions will be answered — from Accutane to retinol to “food on your face” to recommended products, + so much more. One of the biggest learning lessons during this episode = give products six weeks for your skin to adjust! But don’t worry, we talk ALL about picking ; ) ++ what to do with acne!

Fav Quote: 

“Less is more — it’s not about how many products you’re using or the most beautiful package, it’s about what works, + keeping it simple.”


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Aztec Healing Clay
SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Restorative Masque
Aire Ancient Baths
EltaMD Sunscreen
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— Insta Recs: @the_estheticians, @Matthewmillerskin, @katelemere
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