Taking the Plunge: How to Integrate Swimming Into Your Workout Routine

Swimming is a workout that is often overlooked by many people because it is out of their comfort zone or it seems too inaccessible, but the reality is, you can easily integrate swimming into your workout routine. Think about it: if you are a student at a university, you probably have access to a lap pool that you can use, + if you aren’t, your gym or a community center nearby may have one. It is versatile + can be added to the end of your workout for a nice way to cool off after a good sweat sesh, or it can be its own workout once you get more comfortable with it! 


Unlike other workouts, swimming takes a lot of stress off of your body, which can help if you have joint or muscle pain. It also builds your endurance while improving heart health. One of the biggest benefits is that it is a full body workout that burns a ton of calories, so you will feel very accomplished when you are done! It can also be very fun to do with a friend as a way to switch up your workout routine.


1] Swimsuit [check out some great brands here!] 2] Goggles [any kind will work, but it is probably better to use some that just cover your eyes + not your nose as well] 3] Towel
4] Cap [optional, but helpful for keeping hair out of the way ; )] 5] Kickboard [optional! Can be used to make kicking sets easier, but they can also be done without one]


The lap pool you swim at will either be 25 yards or 25 meters [50 meters in some cases], + these workouts work for both units of measurement! One lap = 25 yards or meters. You can swim these in any stroke, but we recommend getting comfortable with freestyle before trying to learn anything else.

1] Beginner [650 yards//meters] – great to tack on to the end of a workout!
— 100 warm up
— 100 kick
— 4×25 on 10 sec rest
— 2×50 on 15 sec rest
— 1×50 all out sprint
— 200 cool down

2] Intermediate [1300 yards//meters] – can be tacked on to the end of a workout, but also great on its own!

— 250 warm up
— 100 kick
— 4×50 on 10 sec rest
— 2×100 on 20 sec rest
— 4×50 on 10 sec rest
— 4×25 fast on 10 sec rest
— 250 cool down

Of course, these workouts can be modified to fit your personal needs! If they are too hard, feel free to cut down on some laps or add some rest time. For some helpful tips on modifying any workout, click here


— Drink water! Just because you are in the water does not mean you still do not have to stay hydrated! Like any other exercise, it is so important to be drinking water, especially since it is a full body workout!
— Work on making your stroke more efficient by doing research + watching videos! It will make the learning process a lot easier. Try to develop things like breathing patterns + turn techniques as you swim.
— Don’t give up! Swimming can be really hard at first but once you get used to it, it is a super fun + refreshing workout.
–Swim with a friend – it will make it a lot more fun : )

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