Take It Outside: 5 Tips For Working Out Under The Sun

Summer is finally right around the corner [YEP, you read that right ; )], + we are ready for a change of scenery. It’s no secret that spending more time outdoors is related to decreases in tension + anxiety, but it’s also a great way to increase focus on your physical environment. As the weather gets brighter + the air gets breezier, we are dying to spend more time in the sunshine — what better way to do that than to take our #sweatsesh outside?!

Here are some of our favorite ways to leave the sweaty gym behind + make the most of exercising outdoors!


The nature of an outdoor workout will send you on the go — so be prepared! Grab your fav gym bag + make sure you’ve packed our essentials. But, there are some things you’ll want to bring in addition to the basics so you can maximize your outdoor workout. You’ll obviously be sweating [a lot!] under the hot sun, so stay hydrated with plenty of H2O before, during, + after your workout. Pack a larger water bottle than you’d normally take to the gym to ensure you can keep going strong as the day goes on. Not only will it be hot, hot, HOT, the summer breeze will blow your pony every which way! Tame your hair with a cute headband to avoid pesky flyaways. ++ Last, but not least, remember to take care of your skin! Snag a bottle of sunscreen, lather up, + pack more in your bag — it’s important to give your skin the love it deserves as you spend more time under strong UV rays.


If you’re hesitating to workout outdoors because of the terrain, grab your yoga mat. Laying your mat on any outdoor surface can help with any discomfort from hard surfaces like concrete + keep you clean in the middle of your fav grassy spot at your local park. It will provide a great base for your workout, whatever it may be, + can help you claim the best spot in the park.


Enjoying the nature around you is an added bonus to exercising outdoors. Scope out your local state parks for maintained grassy areas or even mountain bike trails to run *cross country* style. Take in the view as you run, + suddenly you’ll realize you just crushed your longest run ever! If you’re more of a hiker, elevate your next hike + soar to new heights by climbing off the beaten path + testing your upper body strength. In a park without *trails*, find a hill + run hill sprints for a HIIT-style workout to bring on the sweat.


When exercising without standard gym equipment, we tend to feel a little lost. However, utilizing a playground as workout equipment can be a fun + innovative way to be outside! Use the metal beams for exercises such as body weight rows + hanging knee tucks for an intense core workout. Challenge yourself + try pull ups on the monkey bars, or incline push ups + tricep dips on the bench. Grab a friend + get creative — you’ll be ready for your first obstacle race in no time!


Who needs extra equipment?! Take advantage of CHAARG no gym, no problem workouts posted on da blog//insta + use your bodyweight to have a great resistance workout. Swear by the treadmill? Look for a running route that suits your fitness levels, such as a trail or a bike path. Jogging to a local coffee shop with our bestie + treating ourselves afterwards is our favorite : )

Find your fit based on what you want to work that day + get sweaty! Get out + try new things, + share how you take your sweat outdoors with #inchaarg on Insta!

++ Abigail [@abigail.inchaarg] // UK CHAARG

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