6 Tips to Take CHAARG of the School Year

Another semester is approaching + whether you’re going into your first year of college or entering your last, one thing all CHAARGies have in common is our ability to take CHAARG. So while you’re prepping to go back, here are 6 tips to take CHAARG of the school year.

#1] Set intentions + goals

We love setting intentions! If you don’t know what they are yet, check out manifesting your intentions, intentions vs. goals, or both ; )!! Kick off the year by sitting down + envisioning what you want your semester//year to look like. Who do you want to be? What growth do you want to see in yourself this year? With these thoughts in mind, develop an intention [or more] to carry you through the year.

If you visibly like to see accomplishments, write down your goals on a piece of paper//in your bullet journal + cross them off as you reach them. These can be weekly, semester, or yearly goals — it’s up to you!

#2] Stay organized

Going into the school year with intentions//goals is one thing, but actually sticking to them is another. Set yourself up for success by staying on top of your organization through a journal or planner [have you checked out bullet journaling yet?].

To keep up with your intentions//goals, check in on your progress at the end of every month! See how many goals you’ve accomplished so far + what you have left to tackle. Are you sticking to your intentions? If not, adjust your intentions to reach the change you want to see.

Overall, develop a system that works for you ++ remain organized.

#3] Say goodbye to procrastination

Maintaining organization is a great way to prevent procrastination! Having your to-do list written out in front of you ++ having a schedule for completing it can be extremely helpful for staying on track.

If you struggle with procrastination, dig deep within yourself + search for the root of the problem. Once you discover it, build up from there. Learning about your habits, such as knowing the time you are most productive [morning or night], the place//area you are most productive ++ how long you can work before needing a break, can help relieve stress throughout the year.

#4] Stay balanced

From first-hand experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of balance. Living a balanced life will not only help you take CHAARG, but also live a healthy ++ happy life!

In college, it’s important to find balance between school work + fun. If you find yourself constantly studying, set apart time for yourself to hang out with friends or do something fun. At the beginning of the year, make a bucket list of the activities you want to do//accomplish throughout the year + make time for them.

Keep in mind a *healthy* balance with food + exercise. You should not feel guilty//worried about eating certain foods ++ the gym is not a punishment. As a freshman, there’s a lot of pressure about gaining the freshman 15, but that does not mean you should restrict yourself or spend all of your time in the gym. Remain balanced by listening to what your body wants + adjusting your schedule as the year goes on to find the right balance for you.

#5] Get involved

One of the best ways to take CHAARG is to get involved! If you’re a freshman or sophomore, join clubs both within + not within your major. It can help show you if you’re majoring in the right field or if you have a greater interest elsewhere.

No matter what year you are, clubs that involve community service can be beneficial for you ++ others. It can be a great feeling knowing you’re helping someone else [not to mention they look amazing on your resume]! While joining clubs this upcoming semester, remember to take CHAARG by grabbing your CHAARG Membership!

#6] Be confident

The start of the semester can bring on unattainable goals or fears of the future. It’s important to remember, you don’t have to be a straight A student or have your life 100% together. If you’re trying your best + putting in effort, that’s all anyone can ever ask of you. When you’re stressed or feel pressure, remind yourself of everything you have accomplished so far. Be confident in your work, your abilities ++ most importantly be confident in yourself because you are amazing!

Now that you have a few tips, we want to see you taking CHAARG of the school year! Share with us on insta how you use these tips + take CHAARG throughout the year <3

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