Fruit Salsa + Cinnamon Crisps

This recipe is festive, refreshing, light + so easy to make. It’s a hit for any dinner party! INGREDIENTS 1.5 cups Strawberries [diced] 1 cup Blueberries 1.5 cups Apples [diced — Gala [...]

Coconut Chia Energy Bites

We’re crazy for chia ++ if you haven’t noticed yet, we kind of have an obsession with *bites.* These, particularly, are ENERGY bites [exactly what you’ll need for finals [...]

Pumpkin Pie Protein Bites

These pumped up protein bites combine a lil’ flavor of summer with a taste of fall! The sweet coconut + the spice from pumpin just might be my new favorite flavor combo! These protein bites are [...]

Peach Mango Guacamole

Yes. You heard us right. PEACH. MANGO. GUAC. Your tastebuds are about to be blown away ; ) This is an incredibly easy recipe + perfect as a dip — in your fish taco — or just eaten with a spoon. [...]