7 Tips To Stay Safe On A Night Run

Running may be one of our favorite sweat seshes — you can do it nearly anytime or anywhere, no equipment needed! ++ for the past few weeks, we’ve taken advantage of that freedom as we [...]

10 Ways To Be Motivated To Rise + Run

If you haven’t seen the mass amounts of Insta, Twitter ++ Facebook posts in the past two weeks, then SURPRISE it’s #runCHAARG. We are encouraging our members + everyone interested in CHAARG to [...]

5 Reasons Running Is The Best Therapy

As #runCHAARG takes off + a fresh school year is around the corner, things can get a little hectic. But remember — running is your FRIEND. Aside from the physical benefits of going for a [...]

The Beauty of Running

A lot of people ask me about running — how I run so far, what I think about, what I eat. I love talking about it, but sometimes I feel like they don’t understand. Running is glamorized in [...]

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