Rainbow Wrap

This wrap is a tasty + simple way to #EatYourColors! We were inspired by a wrap in the premade aisle at Trader Joe’s + had to recreate it. It’s a very low-maintenance lunch that you can make/pack [...]

Thai Peanut Power Greens Wrap

No need to order takeout if your craving Thai — now you can make it at home, cheaper + healthier! ; ) Whether you’re eating at home, or you’re looking for something portable [...]

Spicy Veggie Burrito Bowl

Ahhh, a burrito bowl recipe that’s actually healthy? YEP — Dairy free, Gluten free + with 5 different veggies — this recipe is for you! Looking for a breakfast option? Serve it [...]

Mango Avocado Kale Wrap

Avocado has a magic ability to liven up anything from tacos to toast, but this new combo might just become your salad of choice for the summer. The combo of avocado + feta cheese + chickpeas is [...]

Creamy Avocado Zoodles

The warm spring weather always makes us crave fresh vegetables + with the help of the awesome spiralizer — it just got that much easier to make sure we’re getting enough veggies! [...]