The Opposite Of Fear ((+ Tackling FitPlan Fears!))

But first — what is a fear?

A fear is an unpleasant emotional response induced by a perceived threat

Key word here being “perceived” — it’s not necessarily a *true* threat.

It fascinates me how someone [me being that someone] can be terrified of snakes… yet, there are people out there that love snakes + even have PET SNAKES [what!??!]. At what point in my upbringing did I become scared of snakes? ++ why?

We have so many fears — all of which stem from something we learned during our lifetime [through our parents, society, an experience, school, etc] + chose to accept as a belief. One of my all time favorite books is The Four Agreements, which you guys should definitely check out if you haven’t read it already : ) I even have a post on discussion topics if you wanted to host a book club on the four agrements — read here!

A strong fear that I used to have was public speaking… I feel like everyone can relate to this — unless maybe you are an actress, comedian, or politician + have to speak publically for your jobs.

I remember being terrified during yoga teacher training because of course we had to speak publically which teaching class…. One of our instructors said:

It’s okay to be nervous! We all are! We are just nervous because we want to do our best. Instead of focusing on yourself + your nerves — focus on the students in class! Once you place your attention on guiding the students, you’ll notice that your nerves will start to go away…

I was shocked at how this actually works! Once I took the pressure off of myself to “do my best” [which of course I still wanted to do] + instead, switched me focus to pay attention helping others… I wasn’t nervous anymore.

I would be lying to you if I said I never got nervous before speaking in public, but I have trained myself to start shifting my mind if I feel the nerves coming on.

I was curious as to what the *opposite* of fear was ++ I found this quote — -

“The opposite of fear is acceptance [fear had no foothold if we accept what’s about to come], which leads to curiosity, which leads to a sense of understanding, which leads to feelings of safety, trust, + finally, love.” [More on this here]


In order to truly overcome our fear, we need to accept our fear. We need to accept where we are — right now. ++ start that change inside our mind… recognizing that it’s just a *perceived* threat — it’s not necessarily *true*.

“The change you are looking for is inside your head.”

Journal prompt — Write down a fear you have that’s taking up a lot of energy in your life. Try to understand “why” it’s a fear of yours. Is this a fear you want to continue giving energy to? If not… gather the courage to change your thoughts on that fear. What can you do this week to take a step towards overcoming that fear?

With the start of the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP fast approaching [Registration closes Wednesday, June 13 — have you signed up? Sign up here!] I want to dive into the FitPlan related fears you may have. Below I’ve listed 10 fears — do any of these relate to you?

#1] I’ll fall behind

#2] I won’t see progress compared to other girls

#3] The workouts will be too hard

#4] The workouts will be too easy

#5] I’m scared//embarrassed to post on instagram because I think people will judge you

#6] I won’t have enough time to journal or make time for myself

#7] I’ve never used dumbbells + am nervous to try something new

#8] I’m intimated at the gym

#9] I’m scared to reach out to people ++ ask them to meet up because I feel like it will be awkward [even though I really do want to meet up with others!]

#10] I’m overwhelmed by all the information, but I want to make sure I read everything so that you follow the plan *perfectly*

I didn’t want to make this post crazy long — so I made a podcast addressing each one of these fears + hopefully I’ll be able to calm your nerves : ). As I said above…. if you are nervous, it just means you care! That’s a beautiful thing ❤. Listen to the podcast here!


Sign up, sign up, sign up: #LEDDODIS

++ Elisabeth

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