Switch Up Your Shopping List: 6 Superfoods To Try ASAP

For a CHAARG girl, heading to the local grocery or health food store is a weekly ritual not to be messed with. Whether it’s Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or a small local shop, we love stocking our pantries with the freshest, in-season produce [ ++ all of the ingredients for our latest #CHAARGeats recipe ; )], ++ our all-time favorite — *superfoods*.

Superfoods pack an incredible balanced punch, unlike their not-so-nutritionally dense counterparts. But with so many superfoods hitting the shelves these days, it can be quite the challenge keeping up with all of them,  ++ even more so when trying to figure out which you should start incorporating into your everyday diet. That’s why we’ve created this superfoods shopping list below, perfect to print out + take on your next grocery store run!

When it come to superfoods, it’s important to remember these three things: #1] Eat what you like [+ *adapt*! Many superfoods can be used in various ways.], #2] Eat for your body [Everyone is different + these foods support different needs!], + #3] Superfoods are not cure-alls. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to get in that regular #sweatsesh, drink lots of water + eat healthy, wholesome foods, + see a doctor for all of your health concerns.


ACV is a long-standing CHAARG favorite + the wonder woman of the group! It’s known for its ability to boost energy + reduce water retention, all while increasing your metabolism. ACV is also very high in potassium, which can help with those nighttime leg cramps we get after a long run or intense spin class. ++ on top of all this, ACV can be used as a hair mask [fighting against dandruff + bringing the ultimate shine!] + a DIY toner for your skin. We told ya — it can do everything! Throw this one into smoothies, hot tea, salad dressings, + be sure to check out our favorite ACV drink recipes!

Brand We’re Lovin’ >> Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar


Nooooch! Nutritional yeast, while not bearing the most attractive name on this list, is one of our new favs — we’re throwing this one into everything! It’s an inactive yeast, so unlike baking yeast, this one has no leavening power. Mostly known for being a cheese alternative for vegetarians + vegans alike, nutritional yeast is a phenomenal source of Vitamin B-12. Rounding out its superfood claims, nooch is also high in fiber + protein. You’ll find this one in flake form in most health food stores + can use it like you would any other grated cheese! We love to sprinkle it on popcorn, salads, + roasted//sautéed veggies. It also makes a great substitute for cream in hearty, winter soups. Try out Minimalist Baker’s *super easy* recipe for vegan parmesan cheese — the perfect way to try nooch out for the first time!

Brand We’re Lovin’ >> Kal Nutritional Yeast


While technically nuts, hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats + are a great source of protein. They’re actually considered a *complete protein*, containing all nine of the essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce. Hemp seeds have more high-quality protein than both chia seeds + flaxseeds, knocking them out of the competition. Add them to yogurt or your next batch of overnight oats. Also — be on the lookout for hemp oil, which should be used as a *finishing oil*, instead of a cooking oil [no heat — think salad dressings, drizzled over cooked vegetables, popcorn, etc.].

Brand We’re Lovin’ >> Nutiva Hemp Seeds


Once you switch to stevia, there’s no going back. : ) Stevia gets it sweet taste [it’s even sweeter than sugar!] from the leaves of the stevia plant, which grows naturally in the Americas. So, what makes it a superfood? Stevia is considered the only sweetener that does not cause adverse health effects. It’s also a natural ingredient + has zero to minimal calories depending on which stevia-based product you choose to try out! Switch it up + use stevia in place of sugar — in your morning coffee or tea, in smoothies, + replace half the amount of sugar with stevia in your favorite baked goods recipes.

Brand We’re Lovin’ >> Stevia in the Raw


Maca… what? Native to the Andean Mountains of Peru + used throughout the Inca empire, maca [+ specifically its root] is a plant with a long history as a superfood. Loaded with various vitamins + minerals, it naturally boosts energy [without the typical caffeine crash!], balances hormones, + can aid in stress relief. ++ what makes it even cooler? Maca has potent adaptogenic properties, meaning it helps each + every body differently, based on the individual’s needs. Normally sold in a powder form, maca can be used in smoothies + tea, in your homemade granola, + mixed in with your morning yogurt. We’re pining over these maca-inspired beverages! Blissful Basil’s Peanut Butter Maca Smoothie + The First Mess’ Maca + Matcha Superfood Latte

Brand We’re Lovin’ >> Navitas Maca Powder


Not to be confused with honey, bee pollen comes from the pollen that collects on honeybees themselves + is considered one the most nutritious superfoods, containing nearly all of the nutrients we require as humans — from proteins, amino acids, + vitamins, like B-Complex and folic acid. It is richer in protein than any animal source, enhances energy, + ironically, can help minimize your allergy symptoms! When consuming, it’s important to note that you should never heat up bee pollen — the heat can eliminate its health benefits. Typically found in a granule form, it can be used as a topping on yogurt or cereal, sprinkled on salads, or can be ground + used in salad dressings, smoothies, you name it!

Brand We’re Lovin’ >> CC Pollen Co.

Which ones are you excited to try? Any not on this list? This week, share with us your superfood favorites, using the hashtag #CHAARGeats!

++ Jessica [@jessicasmith_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG NYC

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