Sweat Sesh We Love: Boxing

One of the most amazing things about CHAARG girls is that no two of us are alike — we are a group of 6000+ women with diverse backgrounds + interests. But there is one thing we have in common — we love ta sweat! Even then, we still differ in how we like to move our bodies, + finding your fit is what CHAARG is all about. ++ It’s a lot easier to *find your fit* when there are new workouts to try.

A long-time group fitness fave is cardio kickboxing, but what about actually punching something? Don’t worry, we’re not encouraging any fist fights ; ) Boxing is a great workout where it is super fun to embrace your inner *BA.*


While it is possible to engage in *actual* boxing, many fitness facilities now offer boxing bootcamp classes that utilize punching bag drills. These classes deliver heart-pumping, punch-throwing sweat seshes that work a variety of muscles to challenge your body in new ways.


Instructors will coach you in jabs, crosses, uppercuts, + hooks while adding in speed + agility plyometrics, like different jumps + burpees. Many instructors will use the punching bags for other moves like ab exercises, too. You can definitely expect a full-body workout! That being said, don’t forget to alternate between sides. While you would definitely lead with your dominant hand in an actual fight, it is a fitness class, so you want to keep both sides equally strong.


Boxing is one of the best workouts you can find. Not only is it killer cardio that improves muscular endurance, but it also provides strength training without any weights. By using stabilizer muscles, you increase your overall strength + stamina. Your proprioception [bodily self-awareness — like hand-eye coordination for your entire body!] is improved, too. More than anything, we love boxing because it is the ultimate stress relief! You get to actually punch out all of your frustrations + while improving confidence. We hope you never have to defend yourself, but knowing you can punch something if you need to is empowering. Boxing can take you out of a fitness rut by challenging your muscles in new ways + discovering new ways ta sweat.


For your first class especially, it is important to arrive 20-30 minutes early. This is not a class you can pop into! You will need boxing wraps + gloves for the class, which can take awhile to put on. Many facilities offer free or for-purchase wraps//gloves for your first class, but double-check in advance before arriving. The instructor will be able to show you how to put on your wraps//gloves + will show you basic punching form for your safety.

Make sure you wear pants that stay up + tops that stay down because once you are in your gloves, you won’t be able to adjust your #Fitionista outfit. Also, try to ditch the technology for the class. Obviously, you want it out of the way to protect your devices, but you also want to focus your mindset on class to get the most out of it.


UFC Gym + Title Boxing are two of the most popular chains around the country, but your rec center or local fitness studio probably offers boxing classes as well. Try a Yelp or Google search to find the closest location near you.

Have you tried boxing before? Tag us in your favorite punching selfie + show off how strong + #inCHAARG you are!

+ Mary [itsmarykfit] // VirtCHAARG Chicago

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