Superfood Spotlight: 6 Types Of Seeds To Add To Your Pantry

Seeds have recently been popping up in the health food sector more than ever before — but are they actually nutritious or just trendy? It turns out, they’re worth the hype! Different varieties offer unique health benefits, so read below to learn more about our six favorites!

#1] Chia: Chia seeds pack a ton of nutrients for being such a tiny food! These little black seeds are high in fiber + protein + are loaded with antioxidants, which help fight free radicals in the body. Sprinkle some onto your oatmeal, toss them into your next smoothie, or try out this strawberry coconut chia pudding!

Our Favorite Brand Of Chia: Navitas

#2] Flax: The ground form of flaxseed is a superfood that promotes digestion, along with being packed full of other nutrients. Make sure you consume the ground form — the whole form may not break down completely in your digestive system, making the nutrients unable to fully absorb. Flaxseed is high in omega-3 + omega-6, which are healthy fatty acids that reduce blood pressure + are beneficial for heart health. Flaxseed is also easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Ground flaxseed is best to include in baking or we love it in smoothie bowls!

Our Favorite Brand Of Flax: Spectrum

#3] Hemp: Hemp seeds are the seeds of the hemp plant — however, they only contain trace amounts of THC. Hemp seeds are actually considered a nut + contain more protein than other seeds, like chia + flax. Rich in Vitamin E, these seeds have a high antioxidant capacity, preventing different types of cancer + effects of aging.

Our Favorite Brand Of Hemp: Manitoba Harvest

#4] Sesame: Sesame seeds are considered the *seed of beauty* due to hair growth + anti-aging claims. Sesame seeds are also the pride of the practice of Ayurveda, which claims that sesame generates heat + energy. Containing tyrosine, an amino acid that’s linked to serotonin production, sesame seeds are also said to alleviate depression symptoms.

Our Favorite Brand Of Sesame: Terrasoul

#5] Pumpkin: We’re dreaming of all the pumpkin with fall coming up! If you struggle with sleep, try eating a few pumpkin seeds before hitting the hay. The combination of magnesium, zinc, + tryptophan [an amino acid] have been linked to serotonin + melatonin production, which in turn promotes better sleep. Check out our other sleep tips here!

Our Favorite Brand Of Pumpkin: Terrasoul

#6] Sunflower: Sunflower seeds are considered the fruit of the sunflower plant. They’re high in B-vitamins, which promote a healthy nervous system. Sunflower seeds are higher in calories + sodium than other varieties, but they’re great in moderation [like in your favorite trail mix]!

Our Favorite Brand Of Sunflower: Trader Joe’s

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