Superfood Spotlight: Ghee [Move Over Butter!]

If you follow any health + fitness insta accounts//blogs you may have noticed the ingredient *ghee* mentioned a lot lately! This ingredient has been around for thousands of years, but very recently, people are learning it’s benefits + adding it to their diets. Here’s why:


Simply put, ghee is clarified butter made from cow’s milk that is traditionally used in Southeast Asian cooking + medicine. So what makes this different from other butters? Ghee is made by melting butter + simmering it over low heat until all the milk settles out. Then, it’s strained through a filter to separate the fat + milk, making it paleo-friendly & lactose-free.


#1] Lactose + casein-free so it can often be enjoyed by those who cannot consume other dairy products
#2] Good source of vitamins K, A, and E
#3] Has a high smoke point [aka it’s perfect for using to saute veggies + bake with!] #4] Doesn’t need to be refrigerated  [it solidifies at room temp] #5] Good source of saturated fat + conjugated linolenic acid [CLA] [here’s why that’s a good thing] #6] Free of trans-fats + hydrogenated oils [the *bad* stuff in traditional butter]


One of the most common ways to use ghee is as a fat source in your bullet-proof coffee, all you need is 1-2 tablespoons of ghee. You can also replace butter with ghee in any recipe you cook // bake [because of it’s high smoke-point it won’t burn in the oven] — use the same amount of ghee vs. butter that’s called for! Finally, instead of using butter or oil for sautéing veggies, toss your veggies with 1-2 tablespoons of ghee + sea salt to taste for a simple + flavorful side dish that seems like an indulgence but isn’t!

To store ghee, keep unopened jars in a cool, dark area. Once opened, it’s good to refrigerate it! You can find ghee online or at your local grocery store but check on the source — look for grass-fed or organic if possible.

What’s your favorite way to use ghee? Let us know using #CHAARGeats on insta!

+Ashleigh B. [ashleigh_inchaarg] // Pitt CHAARG

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