What I’m Doing This Summer Solstice

It finally feels like summer in Chicago + I am L O V I N G it. : ) It’s funny because every time I itch to move away from Chicago, summer comes along + I fall in love all over again. Chicago really is such a magical city, especially in the summer — farmers markets, runs by the lake, rooftop restaurants//bars looking at the skyline, paddle boarding in Lake Michigan, relaxing at the park, ALL THE FESTIVALS, + so much more. I love my city!

As many of you know, the summer solstice ((this Thursday!)) is the official first day of summer, + the longest day of the year. This week on The CHAARG Podcast, I chat with Kristine [ps // have you listened to the first podcast with her on all thangs yoga + Law Of Attraction?!] on the summer solstice — but I wanted share with you what I hope to do on Thursday! Listen to the newest episode here!

6 Things I’m Doing This Summer Solstice

#1] MOVE! Yes, I’m literally moving apartments on the summer solstice. I’ve lived with Sarah for 3 years [which is crazy to think about… sleeping + working + playing together all the time : )] + we both decided that it’s time for a new adventure. We’ve always both wanted to live alone + we are so excited [+ yes, a little nervous] to have our own space + decorate it so that it completely represents us. Moving is a perfect time for tidying — so I’ll definitely be reading The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up again ; ).

#2] 108 Sun Salutations — The number 108 is a sacred number in Hinduism + yoga. 108 represents “wholeness” — it connects the sun, moon + earth ((the distance of the sun + the moon to earth is 108x their diameters — CRAZY, right?)). There are also 108 sacred sites in India + 108 marma points [sacred points on the body]. Many yoga studios practice 108 sun salutations on the summer solstice — all Sun As!

#3] Set summer intentions — You know I’m all about intentions ; ) I love setting intentions on the first day of the month… first day of the week… first day of the season [really, all the time : )]. Read the three processes I use to manifest my dreams//desires here. Right now, I’m focusing on the word “intentional.” Instead of always thinking in the future about the *next thing*, I want to fully understand the *why* behind everything I do, have, + want to do. Less rushing, more being fully present.

#4] Write a love letter to myself — This was Kristine’s tip, + I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I don’t remember the last time I wrote a love letter to myself, + I’m excited to hear what is going to come from my highest self ((5 Steps To Write To Your Highest Self here.))

#5] Book a vedic astrology appointment — I love learning about different spiritual practices + want to dive more into the new + full moon + get my birth chart read. I’ll let you know how it goes ; ).

#6] Play barefoot in a park! Despite moving most of the day, I want to PLAY BAREFOOT. This is something I hope to do as much as possible this summer, but especially on the summer solstice — taking time to meditate + connect with the earth is so important to me.

What are your summer intentions? I’d love to hear!

Rooting for you always,


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