The Ultimate Packing List for Your Study Abroad Adventure

As the temperature increases + the sun comes out to stay, we can’t help but start dreaming of summer days! Summer comes with amazing adventures whether you’re starting a new internship, spending time with friends, or traveling the world. As many CHAARGies prep to take on the world through study abroad programs, we wanted to provide a packing guide! Here are 10 must-haves to take on your study abroad adventure —

#1] Portable Charger

The last thing you want when you’re out exploring a new place is for your phone to die. Eliminate the risk of missing out on capturing amazing pics + memories by packing a portable charger! Not to mention, it will also keep you safe since a way to contact others is extremely important when you’re in an unknown area [especially, a new country].

#2] Swimsuit

You never know when the opportunity for a swim is going to arise! Even if you don’t plan on going swimming, pack a suit just in case. It’s better to have one + not use it, than miss out on a fun ocean adventure.

#3] Clothes you WANT to wear

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be super fashionable while exploring a new country, but going somewhere new doesn’t mean needing a different wardrobe. Buying a few new items can be fun, but don’t worry if you end up not being completely comfortable in them. Pack clothes you enjoy wearing + feel great in! Sometimes our favorite pieces of clothing are the ones we already own [maybe some CHAARG gear ; )]!

#4] Travel Adapter

Prior to leaving, research the type of wall outlet your visiting country uses + pick up a travel//plug adapter which fits it! If you’re planning on traveling to other countries while abroad, you can also purchase a universal adapter.

#5] Crossbody//Travel Bag

No matter where you go, you’ll need a bag to carry your belongings as you’re out wandering new towns. A crossbody bag can a beneficial purchase as it’s harder to steal [Americans tend to be targets for pickpocketing + theft]. I used the Natural Habitat Adventures wallet for my Europe trip + it was perfect for holding daily necessities like money + my passport! If you don’t plan on carrying a backpack around, a larger bag can be useful too.

*Pro tip: Use safety pins to clip your backpack zippers together to prevent easy access to your belongings.

#6] A piece of home

Whether your program lasts two weeks or three months, a reminder of home is always great to have. Homesickness is real + you’ll probably feel it at least once during your time abroad. To make the adjustment to a new country easier, pack little reminders of home such as a pillowcase or pictures of friends//family.

#7] Journal

Even if you’re not into journaling, bringing a journal may be one of the best decisions you make. Whether you believe it or not, it’s easy to forget events which happened on your trip as time passes. By keeping a journal + writing down the day’s events every night, you’ll have a cherishable keepsake which you can save + look back on for years!

#8] Any prescription medication you take

Don’t forget to pack your prescription medications + make sure you have enough for the entire length of your stay. If you need multiple month’s worth, it’s a good idea to contact your doctor + let him/her know you’re traveling + will need a larger supply. Some countries vary on which medications are legal so make sure you check prior to leaving. Check out these tips from the Centers for Disease Control + Prevention about traveling with a medication.

#9] Camera

Whether you choose to bring your phone or a high quality camera, you’ll want to guarantee you have a way to take pictures of all the amazing sights! We would love to see the delicious #CHAARGeats you have + the incredible views you witness [we’ll be living vicariously through you!]. Share your pics with us using #CHAARGgoes!

#10] Copies of your passport//visa//ID

It’s incredibly important to possess a copy of your important documents. Hopefully it won’t happen, but if you ever lose the real thing, the process of obtaining a new one will be much easier.

We hope this makes your packing a little less stressful, but don’t worry too much about forgetting things. If you realize you’re missing something, it’s easy to pick it up from a nearby store. Spend your time soaking up this once in a lifetime experience!

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