Stop The Complain Game: It’s Bad For Your Health

Life can suck. Work//school gets crazy + we spend countless nights, staying up too late + skipping the next morning’s workouts. We miss out on SoulCycle signups [losing our favorite front row bike, again], the morning train//bus is jam-packed [causing us to wait for the next], + the girl in front us at Starbucks starts her complicated, five-drink order. ++ before we know it, we’re already explaining all of the fine details to a trusted co-worker//classmate//best friend [thank god for #BoltBabes, right?].

We complain because we feel we *have to*. Because often, we set our standards too high for life’s unpredictable situations + panic when they don’t go our way. Because we think we’ll feel better once we let it all out. Because really, what else is a girl to do?

*NEWS FLASH*. Complaining is bad for our health. Here’s the lowdown on how it works.

Similar to habit-stacking, when we have certain thoughts [especially the negative ones like *Ugh, I didn’t get a front row bike again* or *Is this girl in line serious??*], our brains actually go through a rewiring process, where the synapses [connections between nerve cells] fire more easily when the same thoughts occur over + over again. So, the perpetual complaining is more than just annoying [you know it’s true!] — it’s taking a toll on our mental + physical state [which we’ll get to shortly!]. Getting that *Debbie Downer* reputation can actually begin to shape an overall negative personality. ++ that’s not what any CHAARG girl wants to be known for! #PositiveVibesOnly

Our attitude also has a direct effect on those around us. Our brains do this crazy thing where they experiment with the emotions of those in closest proximity to us — which explains why we might also cry when someone nearby is visibly upset, as well as share happy feelings we may experience at a music festival or CHAARG Retreat. Not only does complaining make us feel worse, it can alter the entire mood of those nearest us, typically our friends + family.

++ finally, the physical effects are endless! When we’re in a negative mindset + constantly complaining, our bodies release cortisol, the *stress hormone*. When there are increased levels of cortisol pumping through our bodies, our immune system weakens, our blood pressure rises, + our risk for heart disease, diabetes, + a ton of other negative conditions increases. So, why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

In order to fight the urge to complain + strengthen our *positivity muscle*, let’s all start practicing a little more self-awareness — of our own personal attitudes + [arguably — just as important] who we decide to surround ourselves with. So, each time you’re faced with a scenario which might normally initiate some grouchy gripes, take a step back + look at the big picture.Are you alive + well? Great. Will this turn around? Yes — you bet it will. ++ make sure the people you keep around are happy too! The occasional heart-to-heart [wine included] is totally okay [+ sometimes, extremely necessary], but make sure your squad helps rewire your brain towards love, light, + happiness. Trust us, it’s better this way. ; )

++ Jessica [@jessicasmith_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG NYC

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