Start Your Workouts Strong With This Simple Warm-Up Routine

We can all agree that living a healthy + active lifestyle is important. But more times than not, one essential aspect of being active is neglected: warming up properly. Sometimes we are in a rush + need to get in a quick workout ++ don’t feel we have time to warm up. Other times we simply can’t find a warm up routine that works for us.  


Warming up is crucial to a good workout. Not only does it help prepare our muscles by circulating blood to them + preparing them for better efficiency ++ flexibility, it also eases the stress on our hearts. With our muscles well-oxygenated, they are allowed to reach a greater range of motion while putting less stress on our tendons + joints. 

Overall, warming up is critical to injury prevention. Nothing can derail a fit lifestyle more than injuries, so it’s important to combat any possible risks — even if it’s doing something as simple + easy as a warm up routine! It may not always seem like it, but we always have an extra 5 – 10 minutes to warm up before any workout


If a workout is more intense, it would be recommended to do a longer warm up for optimal performance. It’s also ideal to focus on the muscle groups that are going to be the focus in the workout during the warm up. This easy warm up routine targets the whole body + prepares the cardiovascular ++ respiratory systems to engage the entire body before a workout. For a more intense warm up routine, adding a few minutes of jogging before or after this routine works wonders as well!

Before starting this warm up routine, make sure there is a space that allows the exercises to be completed fully. This could be down the length of your driveway or along the sidewalk, across the length of a room, or halfway down a basketball court — be creative! For example, if you chose to do this warm up along the length of your driveway, you would do one exercise down to the end of your driveway + then switch to the next exercise on the way back. A decent amount of length would be ideal, so that each exercise can be utilized to its fullest capacity + be beneficial to the warm up. 


Toe Walks
Heel Walks
High Knees
Booty Kicks
Inchworms [Optional pushup for more intensity + to target more muscle groups]
High Knee Pull Into A Lunge [alternating legs] Walking Backward Lunges [alternating legs] Frankensteins
Ice Skaters
Karaoke [both ways] Super Marios
Frog Leaps [aka Traveling Jump Squats]

**Optional jog before or after this routine**

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