Who’s ready to SPRINT IT OUT [+ get sweaty while we are at it… #SWEATISSEXY]?

Today’s sweat sesh is a speed workout mixed in with some light agility work. During the agility work, simply focus on your form + use this period as *rest* time before going ALL OUT during the sprints. Literally — ALL. OUT. Go for it, girl!

#RunCHAARG: From August 17th until September 18th, we are challenging you to run 50 miles [50 miles for 5,000 members!] + of course there’s a catch: every mile must be logged before 8 AM. RISE + RUN! Log miles ++ EARN GEAR! *Must be an official CHAARG girl of Fall 2015 to participate — become a CHAARG girl here. 

+ Xo, Elisabeth


sprint it out-2





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