Spring Superset

Grab a jump rope + set of DBs ++ let’s spring to the gym ; ) Today’s workout focuses on back//bi’s + cardio. Similarly to previous DB workouts — we want you to use the same weight for all exercises. Some exercises [plank rows] may be more challenging that others [goblet squats] with the same weight + that is totally normal! You will perform the jump rope + exercise back to back with no break. Once you completed that *superset* take 0-20 seconds rest before starting the next *superset*. HAPPY WORKOUT WED : )

Blast out our latest 8tracks playlist while you sweat it out — Vibes.


Lateral Raises

Single Arm Overhead Tricep Press

Floor Fly + Tricep Press

Bicep Curls

Double Arm DB Swing

Goblet Squats

Russian Twists w DB

Plank Rows









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++ Elisabeth

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