Spring Cleaning The House You Live In

Sarah + I went on a spiritual retreat this weekend. I love retreats because I feel like you always come out of it with tools for personal growth ++ insights that you’ve discovered because you’ve given yourself the persmission to be quiet + listen. One of the activities we did titled — “Assessing The House I Live In,” I thought this was so perfect because… spring cleaning ; ).

Assessing The House I Live In

Directions — Imagine yourself wandering through the rooms of this *house* stepping into each room to ponder the questions that live there. It might be beneficial to physically draw the house with the questions inside if you are a visual learner. Once you have spent time in each room of your house, go back to the room[s] where you experienced the most emotional energy… you felt a positive or negative attraction. Journal about the questiosn that reside there. Before journaling, say a prayer to the spirit that your heart + hand may be one.

Basement — What do I choose to keep hidden from others + maybe even myself? What things about life + the world do I prefer staying in the dark about?

Foundation — What are the roots of your spirit? How has your childhood + personal experiences influenced your beliefs about yourself + the world? What beliefs are not serving you that you want to release? What beliefs do you want to strengthen?

Kitchen — What seems to be really working well in my life today? Where do I feel productive + happy?

Living room — How do others see me… what are things people often say about me + the person I am? What do I like others to see about me?

Bedroom — Consider your most intimate relationships [God, family, friends, coworkers, myself]…. identify each one of them as: A Dream Come True, Warm + Cozy, Comfortable, Under Construction, Neglected, In Despair. What desires can I identify for each of these relationships?

Bathroom — How do you clean your spirit? Do you have a daily morning ritual that allows you to see each new day with fresh eyes? Do you have an evening reflection that allows you to process the day with peace? What do you do when feel burdened?

Study — What do I identify as most important in my life + am I giving it the attention it deserves?

Attic — What about me have I stored away not wanting to get rid of it, thinking that I might return to it again some day? Perhaps a dream, desire, relationships…

Backyard — How have I been enjoying God/The Universe’s creation lately?

One of the women at the retreat said: I realized that I have so much emotional + physical stuff in my space that I don’t have any room for growth. We must LET GO to LET IN.

I hope this exercise serves you well <3

Rooting for you always,

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