Spring Cleaning: What To Keep + What To Give Away

Finding your place in the world is a tough job. A really tough job. Finding where you fit + belong, what you really want out of life… it’s something that everyone goes through, especially during college. Should I change my major? Where do I want to live after graduation? Do I like my friends? Do I like what I’m doing?

What’s important to remember, though? Everyone goes through it.

At the end of the day, you’ve made it to where you are. You’ve made the choice to life a healthy + happy lifestyle. You’ve done it with incredible girls by your side, with support coming left + right. You’ve got to keep going, though. You’ve got to figure out how to get yourself to accomplish all of your dreams + all of the plans you have for yourself. So, how do you do that?

You start small. My mom taught me this when I was very little. Whether you’re stuck in a rut or just trying to figure out your next move, you’ve got to decide what to keep + what to give away. There’s never a wrong time to evaluate yourself for the better.

This is a list I’ve made for myself to *spring clean* my life. You don’t need to follow it word for word, but take it into consideration. Give yourself some *me* time to really think — are you getting the most out of your life right now?



This one is a no-brainer. Your very best friends, your family, your CHAARG girls — anyone who supports you through thick + thin, good + bad is forever a keeper. During stressful//crazy times like these, having these people behind you is what’s going to make it for you.


Whether you’ve just joined CHAARG or you’ve been with us since the beginning, you are giant steps ahead of where you used to be. You’ve made the decision to impact your health//fitness//happiness. You’ve made the decision to take CHAARG of your life for the better. You’ve made the decision to extend your life for years on end, push your body to its limits, + make lifelong friends along the way. If that isn’t a positive to keep in your life, I don’t know what is.


No matter who tells you otherwise, giving up on your dreams is never an option. Right here in CHAARG, you’ve seen girls completely change their daily routines to better their health + happiness who never thought they’d get as far as they have. It’s not impossible by any means + especially not for driven//motivated girls like us. Having a goal in life to reach + work for keeps me going day-to-day. Never give up on YOU.



This includes you. Anyone who tells you that “you can’t do it” or “you’re not good enough” or “you’ll never get there” … maybe it’s time to let those people go. Having that kind of negativity in your life will only bring you down; it’ll never further you or make you happier. While it might be hard cutting a person out of your life, it’s even harder to go throughout life with someone pulling on your shoelaces every time you try to stand up. In this regard, it’s okay to be a little selfish.


Everyone’s been a part of that club//school//job that they come home from + can’t stop talking or thinking about how much they hate it. Well, that club//school//job? It might be time for reconsideration. Don’t like that club for your major? Join a new one. Don’t like your school? Transfer. Not enjoying your job? There’s plenty more out there. Sure, these might be a little more than just one word answer kind of solutions. But, everything worth doing takes a little work.


I am the biggest advocate to alleviating stress in any way possible. If you’re anything like me, you’re too hard on yourself to allow for productivity sometimes + let the stress of your life pile on + on + on. Take my advice: don’t do that. You’re too great of a person to let you get to you. Practice yoga. Go for a long drive. Give yourself some *me* time. Do whatever you need to do to let the stress run wild because you deserve better.

+ Amber [@amb.inchaarg], Penn State CHAARG

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