Spring Cleaning For Your Soul

Spring has sprung! : )

This was a hard weekend for me — a lot of tears were shed, a lot of fears arose inside of me. I spent a lot of this weekend alone — journaling, praying, meditating, reading, cleaning [spring cleaning started early ; )], crying [did I mention that a lot of tears were shed aha?]… ++ then I got tired.

It was not-so-ironic [because nothing is ironic ; )] that my daily devotion for Saturday was… “Come away by yourself to a desolate place + rest a while.” [Mark 6:31]

Solitude is the furnace of transformation. Without solitude we remain victims of our society, + continue to be entangled in the illusions of the false self. In solitude I get ride of my scaffolding: no friends to talk with, no telephone calls to make, no meetings to attend, no music to entertain, no books to distract, just me — naked, vulnerable, weak, sinful, deprived, broken — nothing. It is this nothingness that I have to face in my solitude, a nothingness so dreadful that everything in me wants to run to my friends, my work, + my distractions so that I can forget my nothingness ++ make myself believe that I am worth something. The confrontation with our own frightening nothingness forces us to surrender ourselves totally + unconditionally to Jesus. we have to fashion our solitude where we can withdraw every day, shake off our compulsions, ++ dwell in the gentle healing presence of our Lord. Solitude is the place of transformation, the place of the great struggle + the great encounter. Solitude is not simply a means to an end — it is its own end. Solitude is the place where Christ remodels us in His own image + frees us from the victimizing compulsions of the world. [Henri Nouwen]

~ Side note: If you are interested in a daily devotion this Lenten season, click here. Text “hello” to 718–502–9972. I love, love, love it. ~

It is so, so important that we spend time alone, in solitude — this is where we get to know the depths of ourselves.

After spending time alone, I realized that I was not only physically tired… I was tired of the self-pity. I love this quote: “If you don’t like where you are, move! You are not a tree.” I prayed… Lord, please give me the clarity + courage to take the next step forward today.

Spring might be favorite season of all. It’s a time of rebirth + renewl — a season of hope. The dreary days have passed ++ life becomes more colorful. How can I be sad when I wake up to birds singing!?

This winter, you may have experiences some loses. You may have been cut off from joy… you may have lost your sense of direction or sense of purpose… maybe you lost your job… maybe you’ve faced health challenges… or, you may have experienced some relationship *deaths*.

It’s easy [+ normal] to dwell on these deaths. But, we must move beyond the dying — because, if we just focus on the dying, life will be cut off.

Instead, ask yourself: What do I want to give birth to?

I want to give birth to peace, love, joy + light. I want to look back at the end of the each day + know that I have helped one person.

Homework for ya ; )

#1] Spend time alone with yourself tonight.
#2] Let go of your loses. Surrender to what is. What is meant to be will be. This moment is all we have.
#3] Ask yourself: What do I want to give birth to?
#4] Give birth to that baby ; ) ++ know that the birthing process can be painful. Just take a small step forward.
++ while you’re at, spring clean your room ++ donate 10–20 items that you haven’t worn in a year, or that don’t bring joy to you.

Rooting for you always,

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