Spring Cleaning: Detox Your Schedule In 8 Steps

It seems like recently everyone’s schedules are getting busier + busier. This can get overwhelming! With spring cleaning on our minds, we want to help you detox your schedule! Follow these 8 steps ++ there’s no doubt that YOU will be #inCHAARG of your schedule ; )


In order to adequately *detox* your schedule you are going to need to set aside some time to do so. This may be an hour to 2 hours, whatever it is give yourself the time to do it + play some awesome jams [we love our Coffee Jams playlist] + get yourself in a happy mood because you are about to #takeCHAARG of your schedule!


School + work + internships + extracurriculars + family events + birthdays — anything//everything you are a part of + find important to your daily//weekly schedule, make sure get ’em on hand!


It may seem crazy… but color coding your planner [or excel doc] will make your life SO MUCH EASIER [+ prettier ; )]. Make up a *key* if that makes you feel happy + create your own color coded system! In my calendar important assignments + tests are written in RED. CHAARG events are BLUE [#duh]. Personal things [haircuts + doctors appointments + family events] are in GREEN. Work is ORANGE. This is an easy, visual way for you to be able to look at your planner + see what you have going on for that week! I know if I see a lot of RED — it’s gonna be a hectic school week!


Okay, I’ll be the first to admit — I have a problem. I have an obsession with Excel. + I am totally okay with this! I have been making this excel schedule for about 2 years now + it has helped so much. I use this mostly when I am scheduling classes for the semester + figuring out my work schedule + how much I can take on next semester. I do this is by making an excel doc with time along the left side [6AM – 10PM] + days of the week [Monday – Sunday] across the top. Then, using all your schedules fill in your school + work + extracurricular activities that you have on a weekly basis. For example, class + work + CHAARG events — anything that stays the same on a weekly basis. I like to use this to look at gaps in my schedule + find when I can eat lunch + work out + study! For all my visual girls out there — this is a great way to see what a typical day//week will be like + find gaps that you can fit things in! I’m so crazy I even put in, breakfast + lunch! Here’s an example of my excel schedule.


You saw from one of our latest posts that having a tangible planner is by far the greatest way to stay #inCHAARG of your schedule + I could not agree more! Use that planner + fill. it. up. Once you have all your calendars together, start by taking one calendar at a time + prioritize — start with schedules that are the most important to YOU! I like to start with my school’s academic calendar//syllabi of classes. I put in everything from Spring Break, to when you can add//drop classes, to when grades are due, etc. Then, I take each syllabi + put in assignments, tests etc. Lastly, I take all my other calendars + put in any//all events!


This is honestly my number one way I stay sane on a day to day basis. I truly don’t know how I would live without my to-do lists. Every day when I wake up, I write a list of everything I need to get done that day! This is a great way to stay on task + see everything you are getting done. Write down everything you need to do + I mean everything. I even write out things such as *text so + so back…* + who doesn’t love crossing another task off their list?


A problem most college students have is taking on too much + getting overwhelmed. It’s important when looking at your schedule to think realistically. Can you really be on 3 exec teams + devote the necessary time they each will need? Can you really have 2 internships? Some of us function well when we are busy + under pressure — but most of us tend to get too overwhelmed! Remember it is OKAY to say no to some activities + it is impossible to be involved in everything. Cut yourself a little slack + know that you are human!


Being #inCHAARG of your schedule + maintaining this schedule is great — but be sure to let yourself HAVE FUN! If you are a super organized, it may help you to write down the fun things like dinner//going out with a friend that you have going on that week! I like to write these in my planner so I have something to look forward to! : )

Detoxing your schedule can be hard + it takes time! If you ever need help please feel free to email me — lsuchaarg@gmail.com. I’d be more than happy to help!

xox, Morgan [@morgsimp_inchaarg], LSU CHAARG

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