Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips For Organizing Your Life

Ah, yes — spring cleaning. Your mom’s favorite time of year to remind you how much of a mess you can be ; ) For girls like us, this can be a tough time to even come close to thinking about how to reorganize + reprioritize. We’re worried about finishing up the semester, following our own workout plans, preparing for summer internships//jobs + anything else you could think of.

I have a lil’ something for my favorite girls, though. I have four of my favorite tips that have gotten me to slow down + stay on top of everything going on during busy times like these — they’ve seriously helped me + I want them to seriously help you!


This is honestly the best advice I can give anyone. Whether it’s something like “study for next week’s midterm” or “go grocery shopping” or even “paint nails” [Alyssa can totally prove this true that I write everything in my planner] — writing it down makes it so much harder to forget what you need to do throughout your day//week. If you’re crazy like me, you can even plan out big exams or events for the month + write those down in advance! Plus, being able to cross something off your To-Do List never gets old in my book.


I love to color-code everything, from my closet to my notes for class. Keeping everything organized in the same way makes it that much easier to find that one shirt or that one important bullet point later. For busy girls like us, time-savers are a *must*. There are plenty of other systems to adopt, though! You can label boxes in your kitchen for different kinds of food, write down times//places for every part of your day, lay out everything you need the night before to be ready-to-go in the morning [especially if you’re part of #6AMCREW — am I right?]… the list is endless.


De-clutter as much as humanly possible. I am + forever will be that girl who puts emotional attachment to every object. That being said, I have to tell myself sometimes that it seriously is time to throw out those washed-up socks from my first race or the old sticky note that had an inspirational quote on it from years ago. I constantly go through my closet, my desk, my backpack, old notes//messages on my laptop or phone, + everything in between + get rid of things I don’t need. Even if I don’t want to trash it just yet, finding a place for storage is that much better just to keep things together. A clearer workspace for a clearer mind.


This has to be the most important one of all. No matter how caught up you get in your daily routine or how horrible you might think you are at staying organized, there are no excuses to how you run your life. Maybe you like things just the way they are + that’s great! Maybe you’re looking to try something new to de-stress + that’s just as great! Whatever the case, do it in your own way — find the way that makes you happiest + stress-free. I promise, though, that keeping your life organized in every which way possible will do you wonders. That’s a guarantee : )

+ Amber [@amb.inchaarg_], Penn State CHAARG

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