Sore To The Core: Tips For Dealing With Sore Muscles

Sprints + spinning + leg day[s] ++ lifting are just part of the average CHAARG girl’s week [especially during #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP ; )] But by Friday, our bodies have certainly taken a healthy beating + maybe we’re hobbling down the stairs because #ohmyquads ; ). Before running to the medicine cabinet for some Advil, try some of our tips for dealing with sore muscles below!


++ no, we don’t mean a Vanilla Ice sweat sesh playlist ; ). While it’s been quite the debate, we should start our post-workout recovery with ice. Ice helps reduce swelling + inflammation by slowing blood flow to the affected area. This is particularly effective for new pains//sprains//strains + also chronic joint problems. Especially, if we’ve had a previous injury [hey, #ACLRecoveryClub : )]. Grab an ice pack [or bag of frozen veggies ; )] + apply to the problem area for 20 minutes. Make sure to wrap your ice in a paper towel to avoid freezer burn!


When our muscles are sore + tight the next day, heat may be a better option to help you get movin’ again. The heat will help your muscles relax + *loosen up* which may help make that soreness a little more bearable. #TreatYourself + spend the evening soaking in a warm, relaxing epsom salt bath, which could help in the recovery process. If splashing in the tub isn’t your thing, try a hot shower, sitting in a sauna, heating pads, or even a hot yoga class with your CHAARGie ; )


If you’ve been considering investing in a foam roller — this is your sign ; ) We love foam rolling! Foam rolling helps relax our muscles + connective tissue [ligaments + tendons + fascia — the stuff that holds us together ; )] much like a deep-tissue massage, but less expensive! In addition to stretching, foam rolling is a great way to relieve post-workout muscle tension. It can also be helpful to loosen up before a run, especially if you’re one to get cramps + tightness mid-mile. Ahh foam rolling — it hurts so good!


Every CHAARG girl knows that dehydration is the actual worst. When we exercise, we sweat [obviously] + that means we need to take in more water to keep up. During intense exercise, we also lose electrolytes like sodium, potassium + magnesium. It’s important we replace those with a sports beverage like Gatorade or Nooma. If our #sweatsesh is only moderate or lasts under an hour, we can stick with water, but if we’re working super hard for longer than that a sports drink is the way to go. Pushing the fluids will help flush out by-products of metabolism [AKA our workout] + make that post-workout recovery oh so much easier!


We don’t have to *go hard* every single day of the week. When our muscles are tired + sore we won’t be able to do nearly as much during a #sweatsesh than we normally would. ++ when that soreness affects our normal range of motion, we can risk injury by performing an exercise improperly. It’s totally okay to take a break! We’re all entitled to a little Netflix + couch potato once in awhile ; ). But keep in mind that a little movement may actually help with the soreness — just keep it low key. A walk through the park, yoga or a bike ride can help shake out the soreness too!

There’s nothing like that feeling after crushing a tough workout! While sore muscles are nothing new to CHAARG girls, it’s still important we can make the distinction between *sore* + *pain*. Delayed onset muscle soreness [DOMS for short] is definitely a thing, but if you still have a twinge in your knee a week or two later it’s time to see a doctor. The last thing a busy CHAARG girl wants is to deal with an injury, so make sure to listen to your body’s needs + rest if your body wants to rest. ++ don’t forget a solid warmup + cooldown with every #sweatsesh! Do you have any sore muscle tips we missed? Share them with us on Insta + tag @CHAARG + #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP!


++Jackie [@jackie_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG Cleveland


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