Finding the Perfect Smoothie Consistency

With busy schedules + no time to waste, we often throw ingredients together in a blender + hope for the best. Even with components we think will convert to a thick + creamy smoothie bowl, 9/10 times we’re left with a soupy ++  unsatisfying smoothie bowl. Here’s 4 tips on how to easily make a picture-perfect smoothie bowl that’s especially thick, rich, + creamy!

1] Avocados

Usually seen as a topping on toast or as a classic guacamole dip, avocados are probably the most underrated component that you could add to a smoothie bowl. You may be scared of tasting avocados in a predominantly fruit, chocolate, + nut butter flavored bowl, but adding avocados to smoothies are actually a match made in heaven. Avocados actually enhance + boost the creaminess of a smoothie//smoothie bowl without overpowering the other flavors. Here’s a perfect avocado smoothie recipe to try out for your first time!

2] Frozen Fruits

Frozen fruits make the biggest difference for the consistency of a smoothie bowl. Although using fresh fruits may seem like the best route to go, buying frozen fruits can actually be more cost-friendly + resourceful in the long run. If you strictly use fresh fruits, throwing a small portion of them into a ziploc +  into the freezer would work just fine for that perfect thickness : ).

3] Milk Ice Cubes

Putting regular ice cubes in your smoothie bowl may sound like a great idea until your bowl is completely watered down. Utilizing ice cube trays [which are extremely inexpensive + easy to find] + your choice of milk is a perfect + simple trick to improve the consistency of your smoothie bowl! Not only will it be extremely creamy + maintain the flavor, but ice trays help portion out the amount of dairy you use in your bowls. Try this uniquely flavored recipe smoothie bowl that uses milk cubes! Looking for an alternative milk choice? Check out these recommendations!

4] Yogurt

Using yogurt is a simple way to add flavor, essential nutrients, + probiotics to your smoothie bowl. Be sure to avoid sugary, artificially flavored + processed brands [some of our favorite brands are Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, Siggi’s, Chobani, + Fage’s]. Greek yogurt especially helps to create such a rich + creamy bowl that it’s easy to forget how healthy it is ; ). Try this smoothie packed with protein + vitamin C made with Raspberry Greek Yogurt!

5] Oats

Overnight oats, oatmeal + oat bars. With all the things we eat containing oats, we probably don’t think about them + smoothie bowls going together. This ingredient is perfect for those who LOVE a bit of crunch + extra thickness in their bowl. Adding oats to smoothie bowls is incredibly advantageous because of how satisfying + nourishing you will feel afterwards. Oats are also not only flavorful but incredibly beneficial for your health because they are a great source of fiber which help stabilize blood sugar levels + serve as an energy booster — making them perfect as a morning boost. Try this delicious, seasonal smoothie that uses pumpkin + oats!

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