Slow Down, ReCHAARG, + Enjoy Life

Between school//work, social engagements, workouts, + CHAARG, we’re always go-go-go. While it’s good to be productive, it’s important to take a moment to slow down + #reCHAARG. Constantly pushing ourselves + being on the move 24//7 eventually wears us down + can be detrimental to our mental + physical health.


Let yourself take a break!  We often feel like we cannot rest until we’re done, but the truth is, we always find something else to do — our lists are never ending! Establish that taking some time to relax is allowed + okay. Scheduling some *me-time* can help you unwind + relax to avoid burning out.

Consider your *me-time* as a date with yourself — one that you cannot cancel. If actually going on a solo date with yourself isn’t your thing [although we think it can be empowering ; )], read a book, watch a movie, paint your nails, or journal. Find something that gives you a break from the world’s chaos.


Adequate sleep + rest is essential for your total well-being. It’s so easy to sleep in + hit snooze or stay up into the early morning hours. Try starting your morning or going to bed a little earlier.

During this time, you can meditate, journal, or slowly drink your coffee or bedtime tea– do something that helps you relax + clear your mind for the day or night ahead.

++ Make your sleep a non-negotiable!

Think of your bedtime as a class or engagement you have to go to. You wouldn’t be late to class, so don’t be *late* to getting to bed on time ; ). Set a *bedtime alarm* on your phone if you have to! Adequate sleep + rest is essential for your total well-being. Having trouble falling asleep? Try out these natural sleep remedies.


Often times we get so caught up in making plans that we don’t realize just how packed we’re making our schedules. We sometimes feel like we have to do everything, but these obligations are often self-inflicted. By saying no to things you’re not thrilled about, you’ll find you have more time to say yes to things you’ll actually enjoy.


Between checking emails, social media accounts, + texting, we might not even realize how much time we’re spending on our phones. Having a day [or even just a few hours] dedicated to a phone detox can force you to spend your time on more productive [+ probably more enjoyable] things.

Rather than focusing our energy on all the activities we need to do, we should think about what we want to do. Be selfish + find things you truly enjoy doing. When you take time to slow down, you may be able to find new things you love <3

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