Skin Savers: 3 All- Natural Skincare Musts

We’ve all been there — where the stress of school + work have taken a toll on our skin. Summer is the perfect time to hit the reset button on our skincare routines + what’s better than using all natural skincare products? We have three all natural products that we all need to add to our summer skincare routine to achieve that summer glow.


Nothing says summer skincare like Witch Hazel! This amazing toner is great to use before or after your sweat sesh [check out the CHAARG Youtube Channel for some great sweat seshes!]. It’s soothing + cleans our skin wonderfully. Our favorite is Thayer’s Rose Water Toner [the Lavender coming in as a close second]. Since the formula is Alcohol Free, we never have to worry about our skin drying out + we feel so refreshed after using it! Thayer’s is also great at clearing up any small breakouts that may pop up + helps balance the pH level of our skin. Thayer’s also has an Astringent with Witch Hazel that’s handy for tightening pores for a clearer, cleaner complexion. 


A light layer of Vitamin E oil goes a long way when it comes to summer skincare. It can help reduce UV-induced skin damage when applied directly to the skin, but that doesn’t mean we can skimp on our sunscreen! Vitamin E is also great at keeping our skin hydrated regardless of skin type + can help fight stubborn inflammation. We can also help our skin by eating a more Vitamin E rich diet, but for the best skincare results, apply the oil in small amounts directly to your skin!


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Boy, did Shakespeare get it right because nothing is sweeter to us than Rosewater spray! As a staple in any skincare routine, Rosewater works wonders to refresh our skin throughout the day or first thing in the morning to wake up + our skin! It is great at creating a natural barrier between our skin + the air ++ it helps to keep moisture locked in. Rosewater is lighter than a cream or gel, so we love it during the summer when we don’t want anything weighing our skin down! 

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