Simplify Your Routine By Finding The Path Of Least Resistance

I recently heard someone say, “Your routine should work for YOU. You shouldn’t have to work FOR your routine.” It was one of those “a ha” moments that caused my mentality to shift… whatever I’m doing should be getting me closer to where I want to go, not stand in my way. Relatable? It’s time to simplify your routine!

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely here because you have a little work to do. Maybe that’s in the gym, it could be in the kitchen, or it could be needed the most when you look in the mirror.

When it comes to health + fitness we are INUNDATED with ways to be successful. HIIT. Sculpt. Paleo. Keto. For every buzzword, there are 10 more, + they’re all followed by a fad or trend.

Here’s the thing, there are THOUSANDS of ways to achieve your goals, no matter what they are, + the ONLY thing that matters is adherence. So whatever protocol you follow has to work for YOU. Not only that, but it’s gotta be EASY.

I take that back — easy isn’t the right word — let’s say simple. Whatever protocol you follow has to work for YOU. Not only that, but it’s gotta be SIMPLE. Easier said than done. Or is it?

.     .     .

In order to SIMPLIFY your routine there are three non-negotiables:

#1] Find the path of least resistance
#2] Evaluate when to implement change
#3] Cut the bullsh*t

Let’s dive in…

What I’m about to say is going to sound lazy, but I promise you it isn’t. Every action you take should be done with one thing in mind: garnering the highest amount of reward by extending the least effort.

Our society CELEBRATES complication, strife, + restriction. + for what? Literally NO reason.

  • Example: I want to lose 10lbs
  • Path Of Least Resistance: Eating fewer calories than I burn – that’s it.
  • Method Celebrated By Society: Whole 30, a diet where literally every food is labeled as “good” or “bad,” entire food groups are needlessly eliminated, meal prep is EXTREMELY high maintenance, time-consuming, + expensive, it’s next to impossible to eat out or spend time with friends, + any moderate indulgence leaves one feeling like a failure who needs to “start over.”

Like, what?

The second you take unnecessary pressure off yourself to struggle through each + every goal you set for yourself you’ll not only be more successful, but you’ll feel so much better because you’re expending less energy on things that don’t matter, + able to focus your energies to the things that do!

They say it takes 31 days to create a habit, but when time is your most precious asset, you’ve got to spend it wisely + make the most of it.

I believe that two weeks is enough time to determine whether or not something is going to work for you or not.  But you’ve got to commit. If you’re “testing” a routine, you’ve got to go all in. Fourteen days, no questions. You’re doing it. If it sticks, hell yes. You’re on your way. If it doesn’t, it most likely will NOT magically get better. Instead of needlessly suffering through minutia you don’t actually have to be doing evaluate your pain points, + find a work around. Do something about it! You’re #inCHAARG ; ).

Don’t do sh*t you don’t want to do or don’t HAVE to do.

If your goal is to lose weight, + your caloric deficit is 1500 calories, why the HELL would you needlessly restrict yourself to 1200? If your goal is to gain muscle, why are you spending two hours of your day doing cardio based exercise instead of strength training? Your routine has got to work FOR you, but it also just has to work period. You’ve got to get real with yourself + determine if what you’re DOING aligns with what you’re seeking.

.     .     .

In Conclusion: Your routine should work for you, but you’ve got to work for your goals. There are infinite ways to simplify your routine + achieve whatever it is you’re looking for… but the only way to do it, is to do it, so set yourself up for the most success.

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