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From food to hygiene products, we frequently discuss the importance of the contents within products in regards to the wellness of your body. However, something that is often overlooked is *where* to purchase these items. It’s so easy to go online + buy everything from websites like Amazon — after all, Amazon is quick, convenient, + cheap. However, it is always good to spread the love + give your money to a variety [especially local//small businesses] of companies! To broaden your shopping horizon, we’re giving you some tips + a few companies to try!



If you are looking for a certain product + are googling the product, try to click on a website that focuses on that product, rather than a reseller. For example, if you are looking up concert tickets, go to the band’s website + buy tickets through their seller, rather than going to StubHub. Or, if you are buying a phone case, check out Otterbox’s website or Speck’s — instead of going straight to websites like Amazon, support the brands themselves + head to their direct website vs. resellers!


Whether it be a local chain or a local independent Ma + Pa type of store, shopping local is a smart + fun choice. Supporting smaller companies keeps the charm + aesthetic of local, wholesome shopping alive. You can find local produce stands, coffee shops, convenience stores, furniture stores, flower shops — pretty much anything you want. This is also a fun way to explore the area around your college if you are not from the area, or getting to know your hometown better.



Although it seems simple, these stores have everything you could want. The best part? You can see, feel, + test your products in person before buying them, giving you the experience of shopping in person, not just online. These two stores sell almost everything [in any brand you could imagine] + for reasonable prices. Win-win!


Thrive Market is an online grocery store that delivers your groceries right to your door. Its contents are primarily healthy + organic foods for cheaper prices than the average grocery store. Thrive Market also give back to the communities they work in + is a wonderful resource to help you learn about your best wellness options while directly providing you those options! Why we love it:

  • Free shipping on every order over $49
  • Free thirty-day trial that is easy to get out of before being charged
  • The Thrive Gives aspect: for every membership purchased on Thrive, $59.95 // year, Thrive gives out a free membership for those in need of assistance [low-income families, teachers, veterans, students, or those living in food deserts]
  • The educational component: helps guide people on their health journeys


HelloFresh is a website that delivers meal kits directly to your door. HelloFresh ships ingredients + easy directions to help you cook healthy ++ interesting meals every week. It is an affordable, convenient, + good-hearted company to support! Why we love them:

  • Extremely easy to cancel your membership or skip a week of deliveries
  • Great price! Their classic plan, which includes a variety of meat + veggies for two people, includes three recipes a week, ++ is only $8.99 plus $6.99 for shipping. As one person, you get three different recipes + six meals worth of food per week for only $15.98!
  • Quality ingredients + sustainable

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