Love Yourself More This Valentine’s Day

Every year Valentine’s Day comes around + anyone who is not in a relationship usually expresses mixed feelings toward the day. But who says you can’t celebrate if you’re not in a relationship? On this day of love, who better to love than ourselves? So this Valentine’s Day, make yourself the priority! Here’s our guide to a perfect day of love all about you —


Start your morning with some self-care! Wake up a little earlier than usual + make yourself your favorite breakfast. Don’t have a favorite? Try a new one, we’ve got plenty of options for you here. If you prefer to sleep-in, do it — this day is all about you! Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee//tea [+ reap the many benefits] while journaling or reading a new book. If you want a more active start to your day, you can complete a yoga flow or meditate.

If you’re in the mood to spread the love, call a family member or a long-distance friend//significant other. During your conversation, remind them how grateful you are to have them in your life + how much you love them!


If you don’t already have plans, grab your girlfriends + meet up for lunch! A fellow CHAARGie or new classmate can be a perfect lunch date. Prefer to eat alone + have some quality *me-time*? Go for it! Doing things by + with yourself can be so empowering.

After classes are finished or work is over for the day, take yourself on a gym date. Exercise is such a great form of self-care + will leave you feeling great about yourself ++ your body!

Before you head home, stop at a local store + grab yourself some flowers ++ maybe even your favorite treat. You can do so many things with chocolate — go for those heart-shaped containers or try some healthier options. No matter who you get them from, flowers light up any room! A pleasant sight + smell, they’ll make you happy for more than one day : )


To finish off this day of love, enjoy a relaxing dinner — whether you cook, go out, or have a premade meal. People often have a negative perception toward someone eating by her//himself, but who’s better company than oneself? There’s no pressure to talk, no rush, + no worries about anyone other than yourself [sounds pretty awesome!]. No matter how you choose to enjoy dinner — enjoy it!

When you’re ready to wind down, end your day with the same *me-time* you started it with! Cozy up with a book [maybe the one you bought yourself over the holiday] or your favorite movie//tv show. If you’re in the mood for some love, watch one of our fave documentaries, Embrace  — all about loving yourself! A great way to end this day is to write down a few things you love about being single or in a relationship. Ending the day with gratitude for loving yourself or loving another is what this day is all about!

We’ve always been dedicated to self-love, so this Valentine’s Day choose yourself!

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