Sara’s CHAARG Journey: This Body Is Mine

About halfway through this FitPlan, I deleted my Instagram photo that wrote out my goals. My main goal was to lose 10 lbs, ++ I was seeing very little progress. I was embarrassed + discouraged… so I stopped weighing myself. I made the last 2.5 weeks about me, not about a silly little number. ++ now, on the last day of the FitPlan, I am 8 lbs down ++ couldn’t be happier or prouder.

This is my first semester in CHAARG, so I really dove head first into it by doing this FitPlan. ++ I learned so much. [Most importantly, I learned how to use machines other than only the bike. ; )] While I learned SO much during this FitPlan, here are the two most important things I learned…

#1] I learned that newsletters, cute Instagram challenges, fit journals ++ the like are what I need [or at least need for a little while longer!] to get into the gym ++ to *LOVE* fitness. So I made myself a 12 week FitPlan…

From instagram [@saraisinchaarg]: SO… I *loved* the #CHAARGSBFP so much that I kinda made my own FitPlan : ) I realized that I needed the fit journals, cute workout names, + the newsletters [yes… I’ve written myself newsletters that’ll be sent to me every Sunday at 10:00 PM] to get into the gym. So, I made 12 weeks worth of workouts [every week has its own little template] that follows arms > cardio > legs//booty > abs > full body, weekly themes, ++ a color coded fit journal! This turns out to be what I need to make myself *LOVE* fitness ++ going to the gym, so this is what I’ll do! [+ hopefully, after 12 weeks, I can get myself into the gym *without* all of this ; )]. If you were wondering, it’s 12 weeks because that’s how much time leads up to my cruise this summer. *heart eyeballz emoji* Thanks so much CHAARG community for being SOOO amazing ++ being the type of people who probably won’t judge me for all the work I put into this : ) HAPPY END OF THE CHAARG SBFP, y’all are amazing <3


 2] This body is mine, no matter what it looks like. Chubby with cellulite or toned with a six pack, this body is MINE. It is mine to love + to care for, but no matter what shape it’s in — it’s mine. So I better love it in all of its forms.<3

I weigh 219 lbs today. When I first bypassed 200, I was humiliated. I’d look at our football lineup ++ compare my weight to the guys on the team. I cried. I pitied myself. I never wanted anyone to know.

At some point during the #CHAARGSBFP, a man looked at my weight on the scale [I believe I was about 223 lbs]. A grown man laughed at my weight. ++ something crazy happened — I didn’t care. I pitied HIM, not me… because finally I wasn’t sad. I was working so hard… too hard to let a low life bring me down. Something that would have crushed me before I started the FitPlan, I was able to brush off. That wasn’t me — that was CHAARG. I could not be more thankful if I tried.

Just know — I will forever be grateful for this FitPlan. That sounds cliche but I mean it so much. Because of this, I’ve created an *adorable* way for me to continue loving fitness for the next 12 weeks, I look better, I have lost weight… but for once, I care LESS about that number ++ more about my HEALTH.

Through this FitPlan, through the sweat + the elevated heart rate + the times I wanted to quit right smack in the middle of 750 jump ropes or a 1 minute plank, I was finally able to realize something: I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am strong, I am wonderful ++ I am in CHAARG of my life + fitness… ++ those are things a number on a scale could never tell.

Thanks so much for this FitPlan, part of who I am will always be because of this. <3


#CHAARGJourney highlights our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, emotionally. Sara was one of the three winners of the CHAARG Spring Break FitPlan 2016. We could not be more proud of her for loving her body unconditionally, despite what others say [not to mention — awesome work on creating your own FitPlan!]. We can’t wait to continue following her journey!

[ps — if you haven’t already seen, Sara kinda sorta definitely became twitter-famous for telling off twitter trolls. Check out the post *Enough With The Rules: Wear Whatever The Hell You Want* here.]

++ Sara [@saraisinchaarg] // BGSU CHAARG

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