Ambassador: Anna Morrissey
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #SCUCHAARG
Studio Spotlight Day + Time: Tuesdays 6-7PM + 7-8PM
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Upcoming Social: Galentine’s Day
Founded: Fall 2018
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador


My name is Anna Morrissey and I am the CHAARG Ambassador at Santa Clara University! I am a sophomore majoring in Finance, ++ I love skiing + hiking — basically any outdoor activity!

CHAARG, to me, is much more than a club to work out — it cultivates a positive, welcoming, + inspiring environment for every member. I am a huge advocate for self-care + treating you ++ your body in a positive, loving manner. CHAARG at SCU had an amazing first year, + we are so excited for this coming year! Our Chapter is filled with passionate + empowering women that make CHAARG so amazing. We can’t wait to meet you, class of 2023!

Meet the exec team

Ambassador: Anna Morrissey | VP Membership: Kimmy Olvany | VP Media: Lauren Deniro | Event Coordinators: Kiki Bullington + Jo Rielly | Treasurer: Chloe Scocimara | Secretary: Lily Avigdor

Here’s what #SantaClaraCHAARG girls are saying…

Why did you join CHAARG?

I moved across coasts for college + knew no one. The whole sorority thing didn’t work out for me, but I love how CHAARG is not judging at all + I can work on my fitness goals while meeting new friends! // Abbie [abbieschulz_inchaarg]

Why should someone join CHAARG?

Join CHAARG because it will introduce you to girls you would have never otherwise met, workout styles you would have never tried, + most importantly it will give you access to a community of women who are there to inspire you, motivate you to reach your goals, + be there for you throughout your college years ++ beyond. // Anna []