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All CHAARG Run Club workouts will only be able to be accessed via Final Surge! Please check out the resources below for how to use Final Surge + how to make the most of your CHAARG Run Club training plan👇

📱Set up your Final Surge account👇

  • Check out this video for how to set up your Final Surge account!
  • Still having trouble? Email!

📱Connect your Final Surge account to your smart phone/watch👇

  • Check out this video for how to connect your Final Surge account to your smart phone/watch!

📱How to change your daily email schedule + adjust daily workouts👇

  • Check out this video for how to change what time you receive daily emails from Final Surge
  • Check out this video for how to adjust your workout schedule in Final Surge

📱Visit the Final Surge help center for answers to all of your questions👇

  • Find all of the answers to your Final Surge questions here!

Check out this video for how to adjust your schedule in Final Surge!

📆 Adjust your schedule to make it work for you alongside your Weekly Workouts + Small Groups👇

  • When classes start back up, you’ll be balancing more with your training. Here is how to adjust your schedule with your Weekly Workouts + Small Groups! 
    • You can always swap out your strength days with your Weekly Workout or Small Group days
    • The weekly SAM routines are great to do alongside a Weekly Workout or Small Group day
    • You can also move your rest days in the plan to be on the same day as your Weekly Workout or Small Group days
    • Recovery run days can also be done alongside a Weekly Workout or Small Group! Just take it super easy : )

📆 Adjust your schedule to only run 3x/week 👇

  • If you only want to run 3x/week, here are the runs to incorporate into your schedule:
    • Recovery / Easy run
    • Tempo OR Speed workout *just choose 1!
    • Long run

📆 Become enrolled in a different plan👇

  • Email if you want to become enrolled in a different plan (e.g. you’re currently in the 10K plan + wan to change to the half marathon plan).

📆 What to do if you have to miss one (or more!) runs/workouts of the plan👇

  • Missing 1-2 runs: Missing one run isn’t a huge deal – you can typically just move that run to a different day or skip that workout. However, if it becomes a habit, then evaluate your schedule + determine why you are missing runs!
  • Missing 3-5 runs: If you have to miss 3-4 runs in a row (about a week of runs), then you can still pick up the plan from where you left off! You will not lose fitness taking a week off.
  • Missing 8+ runs: Set up a call with Coach Clem or Coach Ganz in order to determine how to best tweak the plan in order to help you still finish your race!

📆 Adjust the plan during vacation👇

  • It’s OK to skip one week of a plan, you won’t lose fitness! Try to do 2-3 easy runs during your vacation + pick back up training the following week when you’re home!

Download + use our pace chart here!

🏃‍♀️ How do I find my pace in the chart?👇

  • Determine your pace in the chart by:
    • Using a recent time you raced + using that to find what paces you could be focusing on in training in the pace chart
    • Using your goal 10K or half marathon time from the chart + using that pace for the pace chart group
    • Running an easy mile + using that easy mile pace to figure out your pace chart group

🏃‍♀️ I’m struggling to hit my paces, what should I do?👇

  • It’s important to remember that stress, sleep, nutrition all have important impacts on our training! If you’re having trouble meeting your paces — look back at the past few days (or weeks!) + see what other factors may be affecting you.
  • There is no shame in slowing down + going to a different pace group if you are consistently not hitting your paces!

🏃‍♀️ How do I know when to move up a pace group?👇

  • If you are consistently hitting your paces + they are starting to feel *easier*, then it’s probably time to push yourself to a faster pace group. Great work!

🏃‍♀️ I think I might be injured. What should I do?👇

  • Rest + ice!
  • Get evaluated by a medical professional (MD, PT, etc).

🏃‍♀️ Am I able to use a treadmill?👇

  • Absolutely!

🏃‍♀️ It’s raining, snowy, or icy outside. What should I do?👇

  • Rain — up to you, but it can be fun to run in the rain! If it’s lightning or thunder, take your workout to the treadmill or move it to a different day.
  • Snow/Ice — take your workout to the treadmill!

🏃‍♀️ I’m an advanced runner + have been running more than what the plan calls for. What should I do?👇

  • That’s awesome! Feel free to add easy miles before or after any of your runs. You can also reach out to Coach Clem + Coach Ganz for other ideas to make your workouts harder.

Have a question not answered above? Email or schedule office hours with Coach Clem or Coach Ganz to get it answered!