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It’s time to kick of another #runCHAARG! ++ while we’re in the midst of prepping for the coming school year, this is the perfect time to introduce one of our fav training tools! The Nike+ Running App — it’s free + extremely user friendly! For anyone that love to run or is training for an upcoming race, this is the perfect running partner you never knew you had! The first step to improving your fitness is knowing where you are at. ++ with tons of features — this app enables you to not only move more, but move better!


We love this app because you can use it no matter where you run — making it easier than ever to track your progress! You can measure your distance, pace, + time ++ the app will also show you the exact route to took. But one of the best features? You can use it to keep track of how many miles you’ve put on your shoes, so you know exactly when it’s time to get a new pair!

basic run


Running isn’t just for getting in your cardio — it’s a way to connect with others! One of our favorite features is the photo sharing. You can snap a pick pre//during//post run, customize with stickers from you route, + share with CHAARG girls FB/Twitter/Insta! ++ each run you complete will display on your *activity page*, so you can easily take a screenshot + share your weekly mileage!  Insta or it didn’t happen, right? ; )



Training for a race? Whether its a 5K or a full marathon — Nike+ has got you covered. The Coach feature has all the training right there for you! It’s as easy as picking your race distance + the level you are [Beginner//Intermediate//Advanced] — #BOOM! You have daily workouts written for you + you can keep track of your weekly progress by marking training workouts *complete* as you go. It’s a great way to stay motivated through the long training season.



If 50 miles before 8am  isn’t *enough* of a challenge for ya [; )], take it up a notch + *challenge* some of your CHAARG girls to log bonus miles with you! You can create challenges for any distance or duration! All you have to do is invite your friends on Nike+, pick a total distance, an end date + RUN! If you + your friends like to be competitive — this is an awesome way to keep things interesting!


This #runCHAARG we’re challenging you to RUN WITH US + take on 50 early morning miles [all before 8am ; )]! Share your pics on Instagram to show us your mileage + tag @CHAARG + #runCHAARG + [#total miles/50]!

+ Teresa

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