Sprinting is my FAVORITE. I know a lot of girls run long distances at a steady state, so today we are changing up your typically run + gettin’ after it: sprinting style. Try to stick the same *sprint pace* throughout the first half of the workout. ++ then the fun begins… halfway through you will be turning up the incline to 10. YES, you will stick to the 10 incline while sprinting + walking. YES, it is tough. But you are tougher. You will most likely need to decrease your *sprint pace* — don’t let this discourage you. This is completely normal! Just keep giving it your all. Go, get ‘em!

This sweat sesh is from a past CHAARG FitPlan to give ya a little taste of what’s in store : ) More deets will be released the first week of February! [STAY. TUNED.]


Let us know what you think of the workout! Tag us on instagram — @CHAARG + #inCHAARG! : )

++ Elisabeth


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