Is there anything quite like crossing the finish line of a race + knowing you gave it your all?

This season we are changing things up with CHAARG Run Club as we prepare you to run a 10K [6.2 miles] or Half Marathon [13.1 miles]  race in your city this fall 💓 

That’s right. Your race, your city, your timing. Let’s run this 🏃‍♀️

Choose Your Distance. Choose Your Race.  Train To Be Your Best.

  • We’ll be offering 2 distances to train for: 10K [6.2 miles] or Half Marathon [13.1 Miles]
  • What plan is right for you?
    • 10K: anyone new to running, has taken a hiatus from running, or is coming off of completing a 5K + ready to run a longer distance! Your first long run will be 2 miles.
    • Half Marathon plan: will have you ready to tackle a half marathon this fall. You should feel confident running 2-3 miles at a time + the first long run you’ll have is 5 miles.
  • Choose any race between the weekends of September 24/25 – October 29/30.
  • *Note – racing entry fees vary — this is not included in your run club registration! You’ll need to sign up for the race on your own.
  • We’ll have training plans for 9-14 weeks of training + can accommodate most fall races! *If you want to do a race that doesn’t fall in that timeline, email + we’ll let you know if we can accommodate you! 
  • When registering for CHAARG Run Club – you’ll be required to let us know when your race is so we know what plan to apply. 
  • Not sure where to race? Check out our race spreadsheet here + feel free to add yours if it’s not on there!  
  • Don’t want to race? No problem. You can still join us for Run Club + do your *own* race at the end! [There is just no official CHAARG race ; )].
  • All training plans start July 24 + will end on the date that you’ve chosen when registering [coinciding with the race of your choice]! 
  • You’ll have all the support you need to train + race your heart out this fall — including: 
    • Customized training plan [3-5 runs/week + strength workouts!]
    • 2 run club coaches to help answer all of your questions
    • Newsletters with training tips + more
    • CHAARG Run Club tank top if you grab the bundle!
    • ++ More! Find all the details below.

Everything You’ll Receive As A CHAARG Run Club Member:

📆 9-14 week virtual training plan [plan will line up with your race weekend between Sept 24/25 – October 29/30]! 

📱Free Final Surge account – the app where all CHAARG Run Club workouts are held!

💌 Daily emails from Final Surge with your workout for the day 

🏃‍♀️Weekly running workouts [3-5 runs/week pending what how you want to train!]  

💪 Weekly strength workouts, mobility routines, dynamic warm-up, + cool down stretching 

💫 All the support from Coach Clem, Coach Ganz +  the Run Club team! Weekly coaching calls will be available throughout your training (July 24 – October 30)! 

💌 10 newsletters with training tips throughout the program. You’ll receive a newsletter with a training tip every Sunday between July 24 – October 2!

🎁 Giveaways from our amazing run club partners! 

🎽 CHAARG Run Club tank top if you grab the bundle! *Only 150 bundles available

✨ All the tools you’ll need to have an amazing race this fall!

Want Our Tank? Grab The Bundle! *Only 150 Bundles Available

👉 This tank top is included in our run club bundle ++ there are only 150 available! Grab yours while you can 💕


We’ve teamed up with our favorite running brands! Throughout your run club season, you’ll have the opportunity to win gear from our fav brands. *Must be a run club member + participate in the giveaway to win!

Meet Your Coaches: Coach Clem + Coach Ganz

+ Join CHAARG Run Club + have not one, but TWO personal coaches to help you with your training. 

+ Coach Clem has 15+ years of running experience, is a UESCA certified running coach + has 2 years of coaching experience. 

+ Coach Ganz has 8 years of running experience + a 200+ hour RYT ++ personal trainer / group fitness trainer through ACE. She’ll be on deck to help with customizing your training plan as well as share her extensive experience racing these distances!

+ Both coaches will have weekly office hours to connect with you + help you crush your training!



✨ The upgraded app for a better Run Club experience ✨

💫 Log your workouts [will sync to your Garmin or Strava account!] 

📆 Easily adjust your training schedule [swap out runs when needed!]

👈 Check out what the app calendar looks like in Final Surge [easy access on the mobile app or desktop version!]

CHAARG Run Club Member Perks!


This program is completely virtual! We will connect you with any other CHAARG members on your campus completing run club so you can coordinate your own in-person runs if you want (but we do not coordinate group runs on campus — especially since training starts in the summer).

No! We want to help you fall in love with running 💕

That being said — we recommend that you can comfortably run 1-2 miles before jumping in to our 10K program + you can comfortably run 2-3 miles before jumping into our half marathon training program. Your first long run for the half marathon training program will be 4-5 miles!

If you’ve never ran longer than a 5K, a 10K can be a great place to start (double the distance!). But you could also start training for a half marathon (just be sure you feel comfortable running at least 2-3 miles at a time + would feel comfortable going for a 4-5 mile long run your first week of training). We are happy to help you figure out what plan is right for you — just email

If you’re recovering from an injury (but have been cleared to run by an MD or PT) then we recommend checking out the 10K training plan + choosing a longer plan (so picking a late October race to complete)! That way you’ll have a slow build. *Again – before joining this plan, be sure that you comfortably can run 1-2 miles + know that your first long run will be 2 miles! 

Within 3 days of registering you’ll receive an email with how to get set up on Final Surge. You’ll receive your first newsletter with all of the tools you’ll need on Sunday, July 24. Your first run will be Monday, July 25!

You’ll be able to see your training plan in Final Surge as soon as you set up your account 🤩

Count Me In! How Do I Sign Up?

We can’t wait to run with you!

Registration closes Friday, July 22

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