Let’s start 2021 on a runner’s high ✨

With different training options to choose from [10K or Half Marathon], CHAARG Run Club has something for everyone — we can’t wait to help you crush your goals this year. Cold weather won’t stop us… training starts February 1!

CHAARG Run Club is our online running community. Our mission is to give you the tools to be race ready to conquer either a 10K [6.2 miles] or Half Marathon [13.1 miles] this spring!  When you join us for CHAARG Run Club, you’ll meet other CHAARG runners to support you throughout the journey + have a virtual race to work towards

3 Training Plan Options:

*all 10 week plans


CHAARG Run Club Member Perks!

10 Week Training Plan [50+ Workouts!]

Free Finisher’s Necklace!

Online community with your coach

10 Guided Speed Workouts

Weeklong Runner’s Meal Plan

7 strength + mobility routines

Live Coaching Webinars + Weekly Newsletters

*Optional Cold Weather Bundle



The CHAARG Run Club Is Perfect If You…

  • Want to train for a race this spring + start 2021 on a runner’s high
  • Want to commit to a training program for 10 weeks
  • Lost your *love of running* + want to fall in love with running again
  • Need accountability to complete your workouts every week
  • Desire to become a faster + stronger runner
  • Love CHAARG + want to dive further into the CHAARG community!

Are you new to running? … or never loved running before, but want to give it another try?

  • We are here for you! Your personal running coach, Coach Clem, will help you adjust + modify your plan to make it work for you + your running abilities.
  • Also, we have 3 different plans to choose from, + two of them are catered specifically towards beginners!

Everything You’ll Receive As A CHAARG Run Club Member:

  • Your choice of a 10 week training plan [see options above!]
  • 50+ workouts, including weekly strength workouts
  • Weekly strength + mobility routines
  • Weekly guided speed workouts led by Sarah, *see sample guided run here!
  • Weeklong fuel plan specifically for runners from Sports Dietitian Lydia Nader
  • 4 live group coaching webinars led by CHAARG Run Club Coach Sarah Clem
  • CHAARG Run Club slack group to ask questions to your coach + connect with members!
  • Weekly newsletters filled with training tips
  • Access to the CHAARG Run Club Training Portal
  • Free CHAARG Run Club finisher necklace to all finishers
  • Free entry to the CHAARG Virtual 10K or Half Marathon on April 10 + 11
  • ++ All the support you’ll need to train + start 2021 on a runner’s high!

Meet Your Coach: Sarah Clem

Join CHAARG Run Club + have your personal coach on hand — Coach Clem ; ). More about Sarah…

  • Director of Leadership at CHAARG + has 15+ years of running experience!
  • UESCA certified running coach who has raced everything from the mile to marathons
  • Will answer all of your running questions in the CHAARG Run Club slack group + help you adjust the plan as needed
  • Leader of the 4 CHAARG Run Club coaching webinars that will cover these topics:
    • Making The Plan Work For You 
    • Injury Prevention
    • Fueling
    • Race Day Ready

Meet Your Dietitian: Lydia Nadar

Join CHAARG Run Club + have access to a sports dietitian, Lydia Nadar + her weeklong meal plan. More about Lydia…

  • Registered Dietitian, specializing in working with athletes — especially runners
  • 18+ years of running + racing experience [she raced at the Boston Marathon!]
  • Will answer all your nutrition + fuel questions in the CHAARG Run Club Slack group
  • Creating a 7 day runner meal plan for you to utilize during training!

Take a look at a week in






Not sure what your pace is for tempo, speed, recovery, + long runs? Don’t worry, we will be covering all of this in the CHAARG Run Club Training Portal, that you will have access to. We will have a pace chart for everyone — from 6:30/mile to 20:00/mile!

*Does this weekly workout routine look intimidating to you? Or, maybe you’d rather only workout 3X a week due to your busy schedule? No worries at all. If you decide you only want to workout 3X a week, we recommend #1] Recovery Run, #2] Choosing Tempo or Speed Run, + #3] Long Run. We will talk much more about this in the webinars + slack group : ).

Grab the Bundle to get the newest CHAARG gear…

The CHAARG Run Club Crew + Bolt Fleece Buff! Both are the perfect addition to gear up for your cold runs ✨

Who can join the CHAARG Run Club?

Whether you love running + run every day or you don’t consider yourself a runner [yet!] — CHAARG Run Club is for you.

YES! We encourage you do the 10K Beginner training plan — it’s perfect for new runners! 

No you don’t need to complete the virtual race — you can join CHAARG Run Club just to train + enjoy the journey! However, only finishers of the CHAARG Run Club Virtual 10K + Half Marathon will receive a free finisher’s necklace, so we do highly encourage you to complete the race ; ). 

10K Beginner: Perfect if you’ve don’t consider yourself a runner [yet! ; )], have never completed a race before, or run less than 5 miles/week. 

Half Marathon Beginner: Perfect if you feel comfortable running 10 miles/week, but you’ve never completed a half marathon before. This plan is for beginner runners who are ready to cross “running a half marathon” off their bucketlist ; ).

Half Marathon Advanced: Perfect if you completed last fall’s CHAARG Virtual Half Marathon… or if you’ve ran a half marathon before!

You’ll have access to all of the plans, so it will be easy to adjust your plan halfway through if needed.

However, we do not recommend switching from 10K to Half Marathon, since it would be a significant increase in mileage!

No! Our plan is all pace-based + time-oriented, so no matter your previous experience — CHAARG Run Club is for you!

We recommend you join the Half Marathon Advanced training plan : ).

If you participated in CHAARG Run Club last season + loved it… then you should do CHAARG Run Club again! CHAARG Run Club updates:

  • 3 plans to choose from
  • New running workouts
  • New strength workouts
  • Weekly long meal plan — specifically for runners
  • *FREE* finisher’s necklace
  • + one of the most exciting updates… GUIDED RUNS! 

If you participated in CHAARG Run Club last season + weren’t able to complete it, then we’d recommend asking yourself: why you weren’t able to complete it + what has changed since then.

  • If you weren’t able to complete it due to an injury, are you healed from the injury now? If yes, CHAARG Run Club could be a great thing to try again!
  • If you weren’t able to complete it because of a lack of time in your schedule, look at your schedule + see if things have changed enough to where you’d have the time to commit to it this time!

Once you join CHAARG Run Club, you’ll receive our January Build To Run Program, designed specifically for those who have not been running much [or may have never ran before!]. This will help you build your endurance, so you’re ready to dive into your CHAARG Run Club training plan + stay healthy!

You’ll receive your first newsletter with access to our CHAARG Run Club Training Portal on Sunday, January 31!

CHAARG Run Club training begins Monday, February 1!


  • Plan
  • Finisher’s Necklace
  • 10 Guided Speed Runs
  • Plan
  • Finisher’s Necklace
  • 10 Guided Speed Runs
  • CHAARG Run Club Crew
  • Bolt Fleece Buff
  • 10 Guided Speed Runs
  • [*Choose this option if you do not want to be a CHAARG Run Club member, but want access to the guided runs!]

We can’t wait to run with you!

Registration closes Friday, January 29!

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