Rogers Park CHAARG


Ambassador: Evie Vandervoort
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #LUCCHAARG
Weekly Workout Day + Time: Mondays 7-8PM
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Founded: Fall 2016
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador


Hi everyone ++ welcome to Rogers Park CHAARG!

My name is Evie + I am SO happy that you are interested in joining CHAARG! I am positive that joining CHAARG will surround you with the inspiration and support system needed to reach any goal you put your mind to. This community will help you grow toward becoming the best version of yourself + push you to keep going when classes get tough. Our chapter would LOVE for you to join us this semester as we adventure into Chicago to try out new fitness studios, eat lots of smoothie bowls, + build life-long friendships. CHAARG is an organization of positivity + encouragement for every girl, come find your fit alongside the Rogers Park CHAARG community!


Upcoming Sweat Sesh: We are currently planning some amazing Weekly Workouts for our CHAARG community!

Small Group Times: These will be announced from our Exec Team within the first 3 weeks of the Semester! We’re confident you’ll find a time that works for you : )

This Semester’s Socials: We are currently planning some amazing socials for our CHAARG community to get to know other Chapter members + get involved on campus!


Meet the exec team

Ambassador: Evie Vandervoort | VP Membership: Kelly Cooke | VP Media: Anna Kleck | Event Coordinator: Sierra Luro + Karalyn Wright | Secretary: Ally Fike | Treasurer: Paige Williamson

Here’s what #RogersParkCHAARG girls are saying…

Why did you join CHAARG?

I joined CHAARG the summer going in to my freshman year because I needed some structure in working out. I saw a Facebook post about CHAARG + immediately signed up, thinking it was too good to be true! I was so thankful to not only find a group to workout with, but to have the opportunity to try all sorts of new classes! // Kelly [Kellys.inchaarg]

Why should someone join CHAARG?

You should join CHAARG to find a community of girls who will support you in your goals + dreams ++ are there for you no matter what. This is a group of women who are confident + kind + positive ++ do not care what size you are or the weird habits that you have. They love you + want to see you grow + achieve so much. All of my best friends are from CHAARG, ++ I consider each + every CHAARG girl family. I also have been able to grow as a leader + become confident in my abilities + skills to lead such an amazing group of women. // Erin [@erinp_inchaarg]

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