Rise + Shine — 6 Tips to Crush Your Morning Workout

If trading your cozy bed for the gym before the sun comes up sounds like the least desirable thing in the world to you, you’ve come to the right place. Some of us love morning workouts + others despise them — however, sometimes it’s your only option to get in a sweat sesh during your busy day. Morning workouts have even shown to increase productivity + wakefulness throughout the rest of the day. Need some extra help getting out of bed + into the gym early in the morning? Find our tips for how to own your morning workout below.

1] Gradually start going to sleep earlier + waking up earlier

Setting your alarm for 6AM when it’s normally set for later can seem daunting. Just like you wouldn’t jump from 10-pound weights to 25-pound weights in one day, don’t do that with your sleep schedule either! Gradually start going to sleep 30 minutes earlier every night + set your morning alarm 30 minutes earlier, too. From there, you can increase until you’re waking up at your desired time + still getting adequate sleep. Try to avoid the snooze button, too!

2] Set your clothes out the night before

We all know the power that cute workout gear can have on our workouts — hopefully, yours includes some CHAARG gear! Setting out your workout clothes the night before takes the guessing game out of it in the morning. If a new piece of gear would motivate you even more, check out our favorite budget-friendly athleisure brands here!

3] Have a plan + commit to it

Having a plan is one of the most important things you can do to not only crush your morning workout but also to become more comfortable in the gym! Whether it’s planning your workout the night before or finding a group-ex class to participate in, making a commitment to yourself + your body is great motivation to get out of bed!

4] Make it a self-care activity

Self-care looks different for everyone — for some people, it’s face masks + bubble baths + for others, it’s a really good sweat sesh. Once you start viewing your morning workout as an hour of your day to love + honor your body instead of as a punishment, waking up to get your sweat in will become a natural part of your daily routine.

5] Grab a buddy

Heading to the gym is a lot less intimidating + a lot more fun when you have a buddy to share the experience with! If you can’t convince one of your friends to sweat with you before the sun comes up, then a bomb playlist will also do the trick ; ).

6] Plan a yummy post-workout breakfast

I don’t know about you, but I get SO excited thinking about what I’ll fuel my body with post-workout — sometimes while my workout is still happening! Make up a batch of overnight oats the night before, so they’re waiting for you once you’re finished. We’re also a huge fan of post-workout smoothies or these easy protein pancakes!

The best tip that we can offer is to think about how amazing you’ll feel after you crush your workout first thing in the morning! There’s no better feeling than that post-workout high + you’ll start your day with joy + confidence. Anyone from the #6AMCrew have any other tips? Share with us in the comments below or on Instagram using #inCHAARG!

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