Looking Back, Looking Forward: Reflections on Your School Year

As we begin to feel the relief of a stressful semester coming to an end + summer approaching, we often forget to look back at how our year went — especially those who just finished their first year of college! From new roommates, to learning how to cook, + new adventures, here’s a couple of things to think about when looking back at the school year you just completed ++ how you could make the next year even better ; )


While you’re away at college, your roommates are your people. The people that you see everyday, whether it be making breakfast alongside them, watching movies, or venting after a stressful day. It’s easy to overlook how impactful roommates are at our home away from home! This is the time to reminisce on all the times you’ve had with them, good + bad, ++ understand how everything you’ve experienced with or because of them has shaped you into the person you are right now. For the lessons on personal space. For the encouragement to study instead of party. For the passive-aggressive fights you may have had about forgotten, dirty dishes. For the late night laughs about the randomest things. For being there for you through your most difficult + loneliest times. Thank your roommates for making your year unforgettable + memorable — check out this post to get the most out of this experience!


Did you take a group fitness class at your university’s gym for the first time? Or go to that new restaurant with some new friends down the road from your dorm? Whatever new things you accomplished this year, applaud yourself for that. After a whole year in college, it should be made a point to acknowledge all of the times you stepped out of your comfort zone, tried new things, + be proud of them! New experiences blossoms growth + character ++ confidence that we NEED for positive character development. Create a list of even more new experiences you want to explore to continue thriving!


As either an incoming freshman or a returning college student, we almost ALWAYS set goals for ourselves! Take the time to think about all the goals you set for yourself, no matter how big or small, + acknowledge that you achieved them. If you completed a public speaking class when you had speech anxiety, unpacked that box that’s been laying in your room since your move-in day, or got an A on the hardest Chemistry exam you’ve ever taken — be GENEROUSLY proud of yourself + acknowledge that you did it!

We spend the majority of our semesters stressing + being hard on ourselves that makes this a necessity to think about! Thinking about your goals that are still a work in progress + different ways you can achieve them is pivotal for a productive year ahead : ) Check out this post to help you set new intentions//goals!

Comment down below what you’re most proud of from this past school year!

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