The Best Spots To #ReCHAARG In Chicago

Face masks + kombucha at home is fun, but when you really want to #ReCHAARG, you sometimes need help from outside sources ; ). I know just the places in Chicago for you!

#1] Red Square Spa / Wicker Park

Red Square is a Russian + Turkish Bathhouse… it has operated since 1906! Don’t worry though, it’s completely renovated + looks super trendy ; ). There is a hot + cold pool, steam room, sauna, spa treatments, + even a restaurant//bar inside. This is a perfect place for a Sunday afternoon — bring your journal + pretend you are just hanging out in your dream bathroom. There are rarely any girls there, so you might even have the place to yourself.

#2] King Spa + Sauna / Niles

It you are looking for a cultural experience, you need to go to King Spa. There are nine different sauna “rooms” with different healing qualities — ex: Salt Room, Ice Room, + Amethyst Room. For the saunas, you’ll go in a uniform that they give you [it’s hilarious] + it’s co-ed. There is a separate bath house for men + women individually with hot//cold pools. You can get spa treatments done — make sure that if you get the “body scrub” that but make you have a high pain tolerance… they scrub your body down like crazy ; ). There’s a movie theater, massive restaurant, + lounge area where people read, play games, + just chill. It’s open 24 hours! If you go to King Spa, make sure you go to H-Mart — an Asian American Supermarket that is right around the corner… so good.

#3] Chill / River North

Chill is a modern meditation center located right in the heart of Chicago — perfect if you work downtown + need to escape the 9–5 for 20 minutes. Chill offers various meditations, with a few yoga classes + massage. There main mission is to make meditation accessible to everyone, so they stand by “no dogma” aka, no incense, chanting, “woo woo”. It’s also a beautiful space to just walk inside + check out their little shop.

#4] Float Sixty / River North

Take your meditation to another level with a sensory deprivation tank. There are 60 + 90 minute float options at Float Sixty, + you do exactly what it sounds like… float! There are 1,000 pounds of epsom salt in each tank, so it’s also incredible for muscle recovery. My favorite part about floating is the insights I’ll receive while in the tank — although I must admit, the first couple floats I did, I kept wondering about the time. My best piece of advice — allow yourself to relax! After your float, they will give you tea — a nice little treat! : )

#5] Edge Athlete Lounge / Lincoln Park

This was my favorite place to go while marathon training. They have hot//cold pools, recovery boots + core + arms [it literally feels so freaking good], e-stim, + laser therapy. It might sound a little scary, but everyone is so friendly here — they will help you out if you have no idea what any of this means [I didn’t!]. You’ll also have access to a bike trainer, treadmill, + group training class while you’re there for the day. Also, Lydia — the RD on the CHAARG Podcast works there : ). Bonus… they serve intelligentsia coffee!

#6] Yogaview / Lincoln Park

I had to include my favorite yoga studio in Chicago! I love the Ashtanga morning classes, but if you are looking for Vinyasa — take a class with Claire or Allie. The yin yoga class is also really enjoyable. Yogaview offers workshops, acupuncture, massage, Chinese medicine, + bodywork. There is more of a “spiritual” element to this space, rather than the modern yoga studios, like CorePower [which as you know, I still love!].

#7] AIRE Ancient Baths / West Loop

If you are looking for a luxurious spa date with your significant other — go here! Although pricey, it’s definitely an experience. There are multiple different baths at different temperatures, steam room, float pool, + even an inside//out pool. They offer massages, but I wasn’t obsessed with mine… it’s because I like deep tissue + even though I asked for the firmest pressure, it was too relaxing [not always a bad thing though!].

#8] Tania Hughes Wellness / Logan Square

Looking for the best massage of your life? I got you. Head no further than Tania — the massage is done in her house [such a beautifully curated space] + custom to what you need. She does cupping, reflexology, stone therapy, sound healing, + more. I just booked my second appointment + I’m SO EXCITED : ). I recommend getting 90 minutes if you have the time!

#9] Foot Smile Spa / Lincoln Park

Go to Foot Smile if you are on a budget, but still like deep tissue massages. There are different treatments offered, but I like the $28 Foot Reflexology + Full Body Massage… yes $28. It’s unique because you are all in a room together, + have your clothes on [I wear a tank + shorts] — but trust me, it feels like you are solo… just make sure to wear headphones, or you’ll hear people snoring ; ). Ask for Lee or Tom!

#10] The CryoBar / Lincoln Park

I’m a little bit skeptical on the benefits of cryo — but I will say… it wakes you up! It is said to help with inflammation + recovery//muscle repair. It’s crazy because you are literally only in the tank for 3 minutes! I’ve only tried the tank — I want to try their cryo facial!

#11] Santhigram Wellness Kerala Ayurveda Center / Edgewater

I wrote about my experience of the three day panchakarma, + I am definitely looking into doing another one this fall. For those of you guys who are like… what the heck is a panchakarma? “Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, + restoring balance + well-being. It is one the most effective healing modality in Ayurvedic Medicine. It promotes detoxification + rejuvenation.” Are you in? ; )

#12] Soho House Chicago / West Loop

Maybe I’m biased because I’m obsessed with Soho — but if you are looking to totally SPLURGE + treat yourself to a daycation… solo or with a friend, book a stay at Soho House Chicago. If you stay at the hotel, you’ll have access to all the amenities — rooftop pool open all year long, incredible gym + classes [take a boxing class!], movie theater, multiple bars, delicious restaurant, spa + more. Also — CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE HOTEL ROOM? As soon as you are checked in, someone comes to greet you, asking you what cocktail you’d like. ++ the products in the shower are to die for. I’m not kidding you… you won’t want to leave Soho House all day. There are also unique events that happen all the time. Prepare to never want to go home. Soho Houses are all over the world, + I plan to go to every one of them ; ).

Any relaxing spots that I missed? Let me know + I’ll include it in the next round up!

Rooting for you always,

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