#ReCHAARG With These Binge-Worthy Shows

Looking for a new way to #ReCHAARG? Whether you need a break from studying, work, or just life altogether, here are some great binge-worthy shows! From funny to serious to heart-wrenching shows — we have the perfect list for you. 

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Shows that will give you #AllTheFeels: 

#1] Good Trouble [Hulu] — Callie + Mariana’s adventure after the show The Foster’s. It is staged in LA where they are forced to figure out how to live on their own, juggle jobs, relationships, + a social life. 

#2] One Tree Hill [Hulu] — On occasion, this show can be a tear-jerker. A series that follows a group of friends throughout + beyond their high school experience. They try to keep their dreams alive while continuing to share experiences in trying to define what life looks like for each of them.

#3] Gilmore Girls [Netflix] — A classic show based in a town in Connecticut that is a multigenerational drama about family + friendship. The show is centered around Lorelai + her daughter Rory. You see relationships grow throughout the show as the drama heightens.

#4] Euphoria [HBO] — To preface, we would advise to only watch this show if you are in the right mental space. The show can be triggering for many as it displays drug abuse, sexual abuse, trauma, + social media issues. It’s about a troubled 17-year-old named Rue who is a drug addict. She finds herself balancing friendships, a relationship, people she despises, her family, + life as a whole.

#5] Queer Eye [Netflix] — The Fab Five will revamp anybody’s life in every aspect including a full makeover, redecorating the home, encouraging the person in ways they need, teaching them to cook healthy meals, + overall give the most amazing advice ++ support. Every episode has us in tears. 

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Thrillers to take you into another world:

#1] Orphan Black [Amazon Prime] — An amazing sci-fi ++ thriller. Sarah, the main character of the show, is an English orphan who hopped around many foster homes. She got taken in by Mrs. S who raised her + her brother Felix in North America. She has a child named Kira + will do anything for her, even when human cloning becomes a huge aspect of their lives. 

#2] Prison Break [Hulu] — Michael Scofield is desperate to break his brother out of prison who was convicted of a crime that he didn’t commit. Michael does everything that he can to get his brother out, including getting himself incarcerated alongside his brother in Fox River State Penitentiary. 

#3] Orange Is The New Black [Netflix] — The show is centered around Piper Chapman who is sentenced to spend time in a women’s prison in Connecticut. Chapman makes her way through the prison system + figures out her new life behind bars. 

#4] Stranger Things [Netflix] — After a mysterious + sudden vanishing of a young boy, a small town uncovers secrets of portals to another world, a government lab, + monsters.

#5] Once Upon A Time [Netflix] — When The Evil Queen, Captain Hook, Rumpelstiltskin, + Henry Mills come together to bring hope to their new world + ours. 

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Guilty Pleasures:

#1] Vampire Diaries [Netflix] — A show full of vampires, humans, love, + disasters in Mystic Falls, Virginia. There are constant horrors in this town, but ultimately Elena Gilbert is torn between the two Salvatore brothers. 

#2] Jane the Virgin [Netflix] — A daughter of a teen mother, Jane Villanueva, was very insistent on not making the same mistakes as her mother. Jane is sure to remain a virgin until marriage to avoid pregnancy, but then her annual gynecologist appointment goes south.  

#3] On My Block [Netflix] — Four street-smart kids navigate their way through high school in a predominantly Hispanic + Black area of California. Their relationships are all tested through each challenge that comes their way. 

#4] Grey’s Anatomy [Netflix] — A drama surrounding the lives of five surgical interns, if you need a lengthy series to get hooked onto, this is it! 

#5] New Girl [Netflix] — Jess moves in with three single guys after she goes through a break up. Jess’ positivity, honesty, + faith in other people show throughout this comedy. 

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When you want to learn something new:

#1] House [Amazon Prime] — A medical show with a doctor who has a strong, sarcastic personality.  Dr. House tackles various health mysteries that no one can seem to crack, he basically is the medical Sherlock Holmes.

#2] Marie Kondo [Netflix] — A show based on how to declutter your home. Kondo goes over different methods she has come up with + shows different organizational techniques. 

#3] Fixer Upper [Hulu] — Chip + Joanna Gaines own ++ operate their own company called Magnolia. They fix up run-down homes in the best neighborhoods in Texas. 

#4] 13th [Netflix] — This isn’t a series, but this movie has an amazing depiction of the history of racial inequality in the United States. The movie primarily focuses on the nation’s prison system + how racially corrupt it is. 

#5] Blue Planet [Netflix] — A natural history series that explores the world’s oceans. This show captures animals + other living organisms in their natural habitats. 

Have any shows that you love that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments below so we can check them out! ; )


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