What You Should Really Be Gaining From Your Summer Internship

College is a whirlwind of new opportunities, a lot of which can come from the unique experience of having an internship. As CHAARG girls know, having a summer internship is one of the most important things you can do for your future life + career. You’ll learn so much about your field of study, but also learn a lot about yourself + where you’d be a great fit when the time comes to start your career. An internship gives you real-world perspective + is the first step on the long journey toward your dream job//dream life.

Making the most of this opportunity is a *must*. Look out for these 7 things you should be gaining from your internship this summer —


One of the main things you should be taking away from your internship is that good things come to those who hustle. ; ) It should teach you that you are going to have to set a high standard for yourself + work hard [really, really hard] to get to where you want to be in life. Look out for opportunities to learn + practice good time management despite having a busy summer schedule ; ) Be open to letting this new venture help you to develop a strong work ethic. Ideally, this internship is a glimpse into your future workload//day to day tasks within your specific field, so take advantage!


Whether or not this is your first taste of what your dream job is like, there is always room to learn more about your specific career path. This is the time to mix it up if need be. In an internship, you’re given the unique chance to fall in love with whatever it is that draws you to your goal, while also figuring out some things you may not like, or things that you may need to work on in the future. This kind of direct hands-on experience is vital to preparing you for your future in your industry.


In a professional setting, you’ll realize just how much you are an asset to your employer. Gaining this footing before settling in to your future job is important. This is an amazing feeling that results in higher confidence in your work, independence, self sufficiency in the workplace + self-respect. It will help you to radiate the positive vibes ++ avoid that *new job anxiety*. An internship should teach you that you should *never* doubt your abilities + as a result, will make you stronger.


Something you won’t find in many college classrooms is great constructive criticism. This type of feedback from professionals is essential to move forward in your career + is the best way to review your performance. Knowing how to accept feedback early on after being in a professional environment will give you an edge in your next endeavor. It’s not always easy, but it will make you a better employee + an even better version of yourself — something that future employers will consider special.


A top priority of any college student or recent graduate is to get network as much as possible. Relationship building within your future career path is considered by many, the most valuable step to landing your dream job. An internship allows you to show your future employer that you’re a #GIRLBOSS. Likely, those employing you for an internship will be writing the letters of recommendation or serve as a reference for you for many years. Create relationships that offer new opportunities by always learning from your coworkers + being open about your goals with your boss.


In addition to the real-world perspective that an internship offers, you’ll find that it will teach you entirely new skills. These can range from things that will make your resume stand out [i.e. that crash course you took on Photoshop] to smaller victories [i.e. you’re now a super speedy note taker ; )]. Regardless, you’re learning things you would have never otherwise learned + adding new skills to your toolbox. The experience alone noted on your resume will be a big plus, but it’s the skills + details that will set you apart from the pack.

#7] #GOALS

After spending a summer in an internship within your field, you’re given a first-hand, direct experience with what your career could look like. Gaining the awareness + knowledge of what it’s like can really help you understand your future goals. You may even find that your path is narrowed + you have a more specific route in mind. Your internship should help you find what is right for you. Let this internship help you get inspired to keep pushing, working hard + grinding each day to reach your goals!

++ Abigail [abigail.inchaarg] // UK CHAARG

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