Be Ready For Anything: The Art Of The *All-Day* Bag

College life has us so on-the-go — a single day can take us anywhere. From class to barre to a work meeting, you better be ready.

Get up, get movin’ — then carefully consider your agenda. Where are you going? How far will you be traveling to get there? Know your schedule + pack your bag according to your own personal day, while following these tips + tricks. Here’s how to pack an *all day* bag:


To fully master the art that is packing a bag for all day use, you’ll need to get your hands on a big tote. This is your new best friend — totes can fit so many different items inside, while not sacrificing style [like if a meeting is on your to do list]. Consider your bigger or bulkier necessities next time you’re shopping + match that size — totes are your foundation for perfect organization all day long.


In an all day bag, you need a lot to prepare you for whatever comes your way. With a lot of items comes a lot of clutter — who has time to dig around your huge tote for the little things [like your stain remover pen]? Place one or two pouches [or an old school pencil pouch ; )] in your tote + organize by category — place all your tech items in one + your mini emergency kit in another to #getittogether + simplify your life.


About half of the components of your all day bag should simply be insurance for when things change — for example, don’t get caught in the rain without an umbrella, or in the cold without a light cardigan. Always have your ID + money on you — could that meeting turn into happy hour? Throw your sunnies over your head + throw some more hair ties in your bag — you never know what’ll happen.


Bandaids, sewing kit, stain remover pen — things you hope you never need, but you always should have. ; ) Pack yourself a mini-emergency kit with things like wipes, safety pins, tape + pain reliever. This way, you’ll be able to focus on moving forward with your day when those things happen.


The biggest battle with an all-day bag is taking us from the gym to somewhere like our professors office — how can we be presentable + organized when we’re so busy? Don’t ditch your fitness goals — if your tote is big enough, packing a change of clothes is essential [sweaty clothes in a separate bag ; )]. If not, consider your plans — how can you elevate your outfit? Keep things like jewelry, dry shampoo, hairspray, mascara + lipstick with you at all times for these moments when you need to look a little more presentable despite running around all day.


When you *do* find that downtime in your day — whether it’s waiting for a lecture to start or on your morning commute — having things like an e-reader, magazine or music will save you from the boredom. Use this time to relax + recharge [literally — bring a phone charger] for the rest of your busy day.

You go girl! Keep it up + share your busy day tips with us via #inCHAARG on Insta.

+Abigail [@abigail.inchaarg] // UK CHAARG

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